Saturday, May 03, 2014

Z is for Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

(Yes, I made it.  Late, and I am not sure how, but I did make it!!!)

College was an interesting time for me.  I have been told you "find" yourself in high school, learning who you are, and your "identity".  I still debate that, I am well out of high school, and am still changing and learning about myself.  That being said, I think that college was when I really started finding what I liked, disliked, and worked on my ideas and ideals.

I found that I could read modern poetry- and actually enjoy some of it.  I started reading Shakespeare in about 3rd grade, (Mom had to nearly whip the librarian to allow me to check it out), and I thought the modern stuff was just going to be fluffy "moon, June" writing, not deep.

I learned I was wrong...  And some of the writing was deep, glorious, thought provoking, and interesting.  Note:  I did say "some"...

I learned that I could stand up for my ideals.  I don't like to get political on my blog, but I supported a protest, and was able to rationally explain to someone why I was doing so.  In retrospect, I don't know that I would do that very same thing today, not that I wouldn't or don't believe the same way now. It just seems like people are more violent about their beliefs.  But I know I could, and can.

My music taste enlarged when I went to college.  I loved country, growing up with it.  But when I went to college, I was presented with many eclectic things, from Alternative to Zydeco, and frankly, found very little I didn't like!  I also first fell in love with Tom Petty's music* about this time, from buying a second hand cassette tape, and playing it on the way to school.  At the time, he had competition from everyone from the Andrews Sisters to Vivaldi.  Wait, never mind, he still does.  But, there is a lot more of his music that I have now!

I also learned humor is a great ice breaker.  We had a common room, and a television.  One of the soaps was on, and the sound turned down.  We then made our own dialogue.  This lead to some belly laughs, especially when someone changed the channel.  A woman had been talking to a man, and the new program had two men talking.  One of the guys sitting in the room piped up, bass voice, "Geez, honey, that plastic surgery really didn't go well, did it?"  I have no idea what people thought of our revised plot lines, but I had some great times with it.

I learned how to get into a frozen car, how to budget, cooking, negotiation with (most) neighbors, make friends, even if they don't speak my language, and the fact that if you inquire about the Austrailan Lottery from a friend, you get a lot of crap in your mailbox. And the title book is something that I made an effort to read, more than once, and really, really, wonder what the attraction is.

Oh, and I learned educational things, too.  But the other stuff was more fun...

* Ok, for my regular readers, you KNEW that I had to get Mr. Petty in there SOMEWHERE!  :)


We are having a levy coming up, and Mom and I were handing out flyers, Chinese menu style, hooking them to doorknobs in a community.  (Thanks again for the help, Mom.) 

It was one of those days, I had sort of slogged to awake, and then arriving at the store we were supposed to meet at, we couldn't find the person handing out the flyers.  Finally, found him, and took off.  Went to the street, I thought I was supposed to be on, when I realized my first gear was acting up, and I also wasn't finding the addresses marked I was supposed to put the flyers on.  

I called Husband, and asked if the first gear was a symptom of a problem of the master cylinder, which had been acting up.  His verbose answer, "Yep."  Oh, joy...  So, I wandered around the block a couple times trying to find the right place.  No addresses.  Aaaand the first is getting worse.  

I finally called, asking my Dad, who worked in the area, and we finally established that a) there was a gap between part of the road, one part in the east of town, the other in the west, and b) I needed to get home before I had real problems with the Jeep.  

My third call was to the boss, "I need to go home, and change vehicles, my master cylinder is almost out.  I will then come back in and take care of the flyers."  There was a long pause, and the laughing reply, "That's the best excuse I have heard, go home, be safe."  

Went home, using gears 2 through 5 (Blessing on low geared vehicles...), and parked it.  Picked up Mom and we went out to flyer the area.  Found the right place, and proceeded to do our thing.  

I felt strange.  I was not a regular in the area, but no one came out to see why I was walking around people's places, no one stopped me, or checked why that their doors were rattling, (I had to tie the flyer with a rubber band to the doorknob, and sometimes I made the door jostle slightly.)  It was almost eerie, but also worried me, no one was paying attention to someone walking randomly around vehicles, cars, etc.?  Mom said she had the same response, except for one place, where she said the dogs in the house most definitely noticed her, and were NOT appreciative.  

I asked my Dad, he'd worked doing phone repairs for years, and he nodded knowingly.  Yes, he said, people just don't seem to care.  He said he'd only been challenged to show an I.D. card or proof of what he was doing about three times in... 20+ years!  

Wow.  Just wow.   


  1. Three times in 20+ years? That's amazing. I always ask to see I.D.

  2. I always check to see if someone is supposed to be there, I once called the company, so yes, you and I are the same in the thought process there. But yep, he said about 3 times, and the only one that checked with any thoroughness was a gal just up from California, that didn't know what the local business vehicles and people looked like...

  3. Listening to the music is a lot easier than reading the book.

    1. I will have to look that up! I didn't know there was music...

  4. Congratulations on A to Z! And on getting the job done in spite of the car trouble.

    My way of looking for ID is taking a look at the repair person's van. If it doesn't have their company logo, i ask more questions. If i do see an unmarked vehicle and what appears to be a service person around, and i didn't ask for service, i go inquire into what's up.

    1. Thank you! It made for an interesting morning, I must say...
      I agree about the repair van, but I also check for an ID card of some sort. And the second point is gospel. I had a person on the property with a white unmarked van, and no ID, could NOT understand why I was angry with him opening gates and wandering around on the place. Turns out, he was an inspector, but he almost got bit by Rudee over it... Hmph.



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