Saturday, August 16, 2014

The internets work now! Yay! (Now with Pictures!)

Well, in the great scheme of things, I could have written a blog sooner.  But partly, I wanted to make sure the silly modem would actually keep me online when I was working...  It does!  I also have been on the go again, so when I did sit down to do a blog, I stared at the computer, until it bumped me in the nose, as my head slumped forward in slumber... Yeesh.  You'd think that I could get some energy, get wound up, SOMETHING... But at any rate, computer is working, so now I can.

This was a collection of items I sent to a charity group called One Nation Walking Together, through my Ravelry group.  Some I already had knit, some I had been knitting on, so it's an oddball collection of stuff.  But I am hoping it helps people stay warm this winter...

From the Ravelry website, as I forgot to get pics...

And we have established, after a little math, I am 2 pints from my 9th gallon.  It was so funny when I donated, they always play music, and it happened to be Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'", which relaxes me.  The guy took my blood pressure, and said, "Your blood pressure is amazing, most people would be asleep at this point."  Works for me!  Music is good for the soul, turns out it must not be too bad for the body, either!

Thanks to Husband for pic, found out I take crappy
'selfies' of my arm...  

This is over looking Clear Lake, where Husband took me for my birthday.  It was absolutely neat out there, a few ducks diving for breakfast, the occasional wild cyclist hitting the trail near the lake, and a few confused tourists that were trying to figure out how to light the furnaces in the nearby cabins.  (It gets colder out here than you might expect, even in summer!)

This is Fish Lake.  Yes, it is a lake, and yes, there are fish in it.  In the winter.  The lake drains out in spring, and the fish take off for wetter accommodations, leaving this a huge pasture.  Until recently, it was an area to stake out Forest Service horses and mules, but I am not entirely sure they do that now...

I believe last blog had me saying that Great Grandpa had built some buildings pre-1910.  


Wrong on both counts.  He DID build a building... He is my GREAT-Great Grandpa, and the time was 1921.  But anywho, this is the sign that mentions him.  (Under Dispatcher's Cabin.)  So that was cool.
I will put up a few more of the signs in a later blog. 

This is the dispatcher's cabin, I think.  It was closed, so we weren't able to see said signature, but we did look in the windows, (which were the cool wavy glass ones), and they have it set up as close to original as possible.  The wavy windows didn't, however, let me take any good pictures of the inside...

And we have found one of a vanishing breed.  Yes, Virginia, we can have Superman change clothes here.  (And yes, I mixed my metaphors. Hush.)  I think that is the first free standing phone booth I have seen in quite a while.  I really sort of miss them... (Groans the dinosaur...)

 Sahalie Falls, was a stop we made, it was something Husband had heard of, but hadn't been to.  If I'd heard of it, I didn't remember it.  So after a short walk down several steps, this was the view.  It was loud enough that we really had to speak up to hear.  There was a couple other falls, as I remember, but we decided that it was a bit too long of a walk there and back, so this was it...

Unrelated to the aforementioned trip, we went Jeepin' yesterday, and found this.  We hadn't realized there was a dam that had been so close to where we lived.  Past tense, obviously...  Just letting it sort of decay back to what it was, I guess...

Other than our internet is running sllllllllllloooooooooowwwly, it is holding together.  More blogs that way!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Like you, I can't recall the last time I saw a real phone booth. They're probably becoming collector's items.

  2. That is some amazing scenery! And the log cabin is gorgeous. We still see phone boxes here but if they work... well, that's a whole other story!

  3. Hooray for internet (even if it is slow)! You have been to some lovely places, and i hope your birthday was the best ever, and good for you for giving blood!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! Neat cabin. Cool falls. Great knitting! Wondering if that phone booth actually worked...

  5. I love the cabin. That sort of thing excites me for some reason!
    I'll be in Oregon next month… I don't know if I'll have time to get to Fish Lake, but it sure would be fun!


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