Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, it's holding, for now...

After several days of dealing with SLOWER THAN DIAL UP speeds, the problem seems to be fixed, via our provider.  I didn't bother trying to blog, even the little blurb I wrote for Mom's birthday took several minutes to load.  (Am I spoiled and impatient? Probably.  Will I throw a fit if it happens again... Oh, yeah!!!)

I have been kind of busy, but in the just sort of fun way.  I took Mom camping.  Ok, this is really rather upscale, for the kind of camping I normally do.  We had lights, running water, showers, flush toilets, I brought my computer and we watched movies, heck, we even had take out!  I believe some of the pop folks that think up these things refer to it as "Glamping", or Glamour Camping.  What's so funny, is we go in my little 'canned ham' trailer.  The majority of the folks around have these huge trailers, some with several tip-outs, one that even had a semi-truck to pull it one time... And they come over and just ooh and aah, it's such a nice little trailer, oh it's so cute, I remember camping in one of these, and so on...

Then more than a few of them bemoan the behemoth they have, it's so large, they can't get into campgrounds, it takes so much work to care for...  I just let them talk.  It's funny, I understand that some are really nostalgic for the little trailer I have, but I have a feeling that several of them would not like the camping I normally do with it.  That means using a porta-potty, (it has no bathroom), there is an ice box, not a fridge, so you either get lots of ice, or use coolers... Or both.  The skin of the trailer does not allow much in the way of radio or other signals, so even listening to AM is a process of putting up an outside antenna, and hooking up a battery, (while not a big chore, it's not 'built in').  That's why the electric and water, when I can hook up to, seems so high plush...

And do I get comments about the trailer, several have wanted to buy it, (NO...), and this last time, I had one gent see it.  It is nearly the way the camper was built.  Okay, we don't have a hammock in it, but all the basics are the same, down to the blond wood paneling and red Naugahyde seats.  He just stands in the entryway and grins, "I wouldn't change a thing."  I remember a few people that whipped out notebooks so they could restore the trailers they had to as close to original as possible.  They love the look, the way it works, everything.

Then there are those...

The gent looks in, oh, that's a gas stove, I'd tear that out and put in electric.  And you need a real refrigerator.  They didn't put decent wiring in these things, we'd have to rewire it.  That closet would have to go, need a 'can' in here...  I just smiled.  Or gritted my teeth politely, I suppose.  Why get something like this, if you are just going to change everything it is?  And, quite frankly, I would put the wiring and quality of the trailer I have, to most trailers built today.  It's over fifty years old, and it still works wonderfully well.

But, that's just me...

One interesting thing that was going on, we noticed the camp was filling up on the "B" section, where we were, "A" section had been reserved.  A ginormous tent building was going up, and there were little mushroom like tents going up by the dozens.  Food, sleeping bags, and bikes were being unloaded, by the semi load.  What the bleep was going on?  No one seemed to know, even the local store seemed stymied.  Finally our local paper clued us in... It was a bike tour for kidney dialysis.  There was people coming in in droves, and getting out when we left was a challenge.  Between people moving things, and FORKLIFTS moving items in the traffic lane, we had quite a drive out!

I saw the end result of it today, I was trying to leave to go to a meeting, and no less than 40 bikes swarmed out by my turn off.  I had to drive on the wrong side of the road part of the time, as they were all bunched up in places, to the point the roadway was a really large bike path.  I certainly hope everyone has fun, and is safe.

And I hope I don't get caught up in too many more bike swarms, driving on the wrong side of the road is spooky!


  1. My SIL had a tear drop camper and they loved it. If I was still in that mode, I would like one. Now mostly we camp at a motel.

    Driving around bikes makes me nervous too!

  2. Your kind of "real" camping sounds fun, but my mother would never do it. Her idea of roughing it is a hotel with no room service.

    Good luck to the bikers!

  3. At least those folks are riding for a good cause. Glad you didn't get knocked off the road.

  4. I think I just fell in love with your little nostalgic camper !


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