Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Watching the vote... an opinion. Nothing more.

Sitting at my desk, and there is a random trickle of people casting votes. (Oregon is vote by mail, but you can drop your ballots off at local places like libraries, or in this case, the Sheriff's sub station...) I am always eager to see what people show up.  Most are on the way to work, or at lunch.  (A minor few seem OUT to lunch, but I digress...)  Some have one ballot, some have several, usually turning in for a whole family group.  I try to just say hello, and thank them for voting.

That's where it gets interesting...

Some have looked surprised, even to the point of panicked.  They stammer "You're welcome", and leave like they are afraid I might attack them. 

Several just smile, nod, and go out the door.

One or two have questions about the ballots, voting, or need information.  Fortune has it that I have the number for Voter Info, and most of the time, can get any minor problems solved.  Some, I have to direct them to the court house... That usually makes them grumpy, but... There is a limit to what I can do. (I have no spare ballots to replace the ones that have errors.  And if you put something in the ballot envelope besides the ballot, and want to vote here, um, sorry.)

Once in a while, I get a lecture on why Whatzisname is THE best candidate, Hoozits is a dirty liar, and anyone that would vote for Hoozits is an idiot. 

Then I get the ones that come in singing the praises of Hoozits, and letting me know that anyone voting for Whatzisname is probably mentally deficient. And possibly a horse thief.


I smile, keep my mouth shut, and direct them on putting the ballot in the box.  Thankfully, I haven't yet had a Hoozits supporter and a Whatzisname supporter in at the same time... 

And one of the deputies told me a great line, "Sorry, I can't comment, I am on duty."  Saves a fight...  Usually still get a lecture, but no fights.

I have had people that are obviously well off come in to drop off ballots. A lot that are just general folk.  Some that look like they might have had a hard life.  Then a few, that I really hope they have more than 2 nickels to rub together, but have a suspicion that they don't.

But you know, almost all these folks seem to have one thing in common. 

They are happy to vote, they feel it is important, and they want to make sure their voice is heard.  As much as the onslaught of political ads make me want to scream, and I get to hear opinions, wanted or not, (quite often not), I keep thinking...
I am still glad that I can be a small part of this.


  1. It's a joy, duty, and honor to be able to elect either Hoozits or Whatsizname. Unless you are abstaining because you feel it is morally wrong to vote in a particular election, i think everyone should vote at every opportunity. There are too many people who wish they could for us to waste it.

    And i hope they continue to all behave, with a lecture being the worst that happens.

  2. I imagine you meet and greet all kinds helping the voters. I'm wondering if Hoozits or Whatzisname will do any real good besides helping hizself.

  3. It was fun to be able to tell the campaign staffer who called last night that my ballot was already in the mail. It made for a short conversation.

  4. I am happy when I vote. It is my right and my responsibility.


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