Monday, November 10, 2014

A loss...

I don't know if this is taking things too lightly, but Game of Thrones has the tag- Winter is Coming.

There is truth to that, food gets harder to find, and it's colder, so life becomes more of a struggle.

I had noticed Eagle wasn't hanging out with Dove.

Where was Dove?

Husband told me today, he'd found her a day or so ago, she'd been attacked by a raccoon, (we think).  He'd buried what was left of her, and had forgotten to tell me about it, until I'd mentioned it.  I think, because she was so shy, she didn't like being with the other birds, and that might have been what got her into trouble.

I am sad that she didn't get to be a full sized bird.  But she was sure a lovely thing while she lasted...


  1. Aw... sorry, they can be such nice little friends.

  2. Sad, but a part of nature, I guess.

  3. Cat, i'm so sorry. It's hard to lose an animal.

  4. I'm so sorry. Nature has it's ways, I know, but a lot of the time those ways are very sad...

  5. Sad. Nature does what it does though, I suppose. But I'm sorry Dove is gone...


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