Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Unless, of course, you aren't in the U.S., then have yourself a great Thursday, please!)

I was thinking of one of the most surprising, yet probably most fun Thanksgivings our family has had.  But it didn't start that way...

It didn't start so great, Grandpa had died, and we made a trip to Arizona to help Grandma "get things in order".  We had not had a great drive home, got lost, generally, it was a long, somewhat quiet, low key trip.

Mom realized we were coming home on Thanksgiving, and was really down about the fact she hadn't made provisions for this, which tells you what a general not great trip it was.  We all just ruminated in the truck, hoping to get home soon...

We arrived home, and Husband (who had not gone with us), met us at the door, and said, "Dinner's ready!"  We were ready for almost anything, Husband is a carb loader, and I figured it would be his trademark Cheese Soup.*  SOMEHOW, the man had found the only pizza place open in this area on Thanksgiving, and had picked up 2 pizzas.  We grabbed some sodas from the fridge, and had a great meal, Husband filling us in on what he'd been up to while we were gone, (work, mostly), and we filled him in on what had happened with our trip...  To this day, I am so happy that Husband had the presence of mind to do that.


Another Thanksgiving I will always remember is when I was fairly young, we actually had no "children's table".  This was a problem, in that we had nearly all the family members there at Grandma M's house.  Great Grandma S was there, too,with me, packed in the back.  We were all seated, cheek to jowl, with the usual figuring for the lefties, and after everyone was seated at the now woefully packed table, full as ticks, and not really ready to move, Great Grandma S needed to go to the restroom.  Grandma M and a couple others had stood up, taking dishes into the kitchen.  Great Grandma said she needed to get up.  Grandma told her that she could wait.

Next thing I see, is Great Grandma sliding down the chair, onto the floor, and crawling out to the other side of the table, getting up, dusting off her knees, and trotting off to the bathroom, while Grandma M was fuming. (Grandma M has always been one for propriety, and one does NOT crawl on the floor, unless one is under a year old.)  I had to hold my breath, because I wanted to laugh like crazy, but knew it wouldn't go over well...   But I still snickered.

Great Grandma told me later, only do that in emergencies.  I still miss her, she was so cool.

My most recent amusement with Thanksgiving was just last year.  I was looking in the cooler at the local grocery, and the poor clerk must have just been on the edge with 'turkey talk'.  A lady came in, poked him in the arm,  (this was the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING), that she needed two 40 pound turkeys, please, she had a large group coming to her house.

I swear, I saw his neck veins spasm, and one eye flicker rapidly as he turned, and as politely as he could muster, "Lady, you don't need turkeys.  You need an OSTRICH."

Bless him, he then did show her the largest turkeys they had, along with some suggestions on possibly using hams or some other meat pre-cooked, so she would have enough for her group.

But I still have an image of this ostrich on a rotisserie...

*Husband's Cheese Soup.

Take one box Velveeta. Unwrap.  Heat.  Get spoon. Eat.

(Editor's note: Ick.)

P.S, thank you for all the recent comments, haven't been around the computer much, so haven't replied...


  1. Pizza, aw, bless 'im!
    Those 40# turkeys should have been in the oven already!
    Cheese soup* I agree - not my recipe, ick!

    1. Yes, yes, and AMEN!


  2. You don't have to reply. If you have time, and want to, great! If not, you have life to live, and not on the computer all of the time.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and hooray for Husband getting the pizza that time! Your Great Grandma sounds like the kind of lady i want to be when i get to that age. She sounds like the kind of lady i want to be now!

    1. Oh, I know, but I have had a couple people email me and ask if I am okay, when I don't put my responses (or the actual comments!) on my blog, so it was just an "I'm OK" thing...

      Yes, I hope I am half the gal some of my female relatives are!



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