Sunday, January 04, 2015

First post of the new year...

And, realizing that I haven't posted since the 18th of last month, it's about time!

I had Christmas at my house, made dinner.  Turned out well, we had roast beef, rather than ham this year.  This was Husband's suggestion, which is astounding if you realize the fact the man thinks he could live on ham, cheese, rice and milk...

And a couple presents for me~

I had requested an axe to use when camping.  I guess I am lazy, I prefer chopping kindling, to walking about, picking up twigs and branches through the campground.  (Note, my spell checker is having a hissy fit, I have always spelled the above tool as "Axe".  Spell check says "Ax".  ???)

And I now have two more pair socks... Okay, I was going to say on the hoof, but that is really mixing a metaphor.  But, I have been toying with the idea of knitting something else with them, albeit, I am not sure what yet.  But, I know lots of places with knitting patterns, so I can search for a long time before I decide.

My animals seem to be doing well, I am so glad, especially after New Year's, when I suspect some extreme Darwin Reject somehow obtained dynamite.  One of the blasts was earlier in the evening, and Husband and I saw the windows bulge with the blast.  I was actually frightened they might break...  This went on after midnight for quite a while.  I guess some people were... Enthusiastic about the new year, if nothing else.

Buzz has her winter coat, and is looking nice.

 She is looking almost silky.  And she loves to be petted and loved, but not picked up...  And she seems like she would like to be friends with Ding.  Sadly, not going to happen, if Ding has her way.

Annnnd, she saw the camera strap.  I have to start putting that loop 'round my wrist... 

Rudee dog is slowing down a bit, he is looking rather bedraggled, as he seems to be still be shedding some hair (not a problem, he has done this since he was a puppy), so he looks like a shag carpet exploded at the moment... Need to yell at his stupid people to go out and clean him up.

The llamas are finally deciding they like hay again, so I am feeding them.  Slightly different reason for no pictures of them.  They have found a wallow someplace up on the hill.  I now pronounce them Mud and Muck... The white llama is brown, and the brown llama is more brown!

Chickens are staying inside quite a bit, as it is fairly cold for them, off and on.  One day here it can be 16 degrees F, the next it's the mid 40's.  As you can imagine, this makes the animals uncomfortable.  I try and make sure there is water and other necessaries, but this weather is annoying...  At least it isn't several feet of snow, I suppose.

And, then, there is Schrodinger.

The mighty Ding has learned to make us fetch toy mice she bank shots under the couch.  Intentionally.  She loves the game.  Me... Meh.

When the lights come on at 5:20 am, she wants OUT of her kennel, (we have compromised, we didn't want her roaming at night, but didn't want her on the bed, because of Husband's allergies.  She has a kennel with a pillow in it, so she can bed down. Most nights she does...) Sleeping in becomes not an option, when you have a small creature imitating a prisoner rattling a tin cup on the bars...

She gets milk when Husband is eating cereal in the morning.  And when I am making cocoa, also most mornings. (Just the milk, not the cocoa!)  And when she can bar the refrigerator.  I am SO glad she does not have opposable thumbs.  Or a sensitive stomach. 

She has however, discovered that if she pulls just right, she can open lower cupboard doors.  I have found her in my pot and pan cupboards a couple times, exploring.  I don't like this, but I just shoo her out and make darn sure that I wash the pots 'n pans.  Again...

Husband mock fights with her regularly, rubbing her tummy, which she hates, and she, in turn, goes into attack mode.  This is when he pulls his hands back and tells me he got into it with the "Catberry bush".  Fillet 'o Husband...  

Oh, and I didn't get the strap put away soon enough here, either... She almost took the camera out of my hand!  (And no, I haven't tried Cat Selfies yet...)


  1. Loverly yarn. (as in "Wouldn't it be loverly?")
    Cats and cameras - argh!
    Language and spelling is changing - I guess. Nothing like being old school and trying to write with spell check, I swear... it's a plot to drive us all mad, mad, I tell you!

  2. How fun. That does look like a cat selfie.

  3. We had a cat who would open the upper cupboard and sleep on my pile of dinner plates. Scared the cr** out of me (and her) and not very appealing! Thanks for writing about Schrodinger (love the name) and her escapades! Your Christmas gifts cracked me up!

  4. The word can be spelled either way, "ax" or "axe." Both are in the dictionary as correct, you might want to inform the spell checker, if yours is the kind that takes suggestions.

    Sorry the Darwin Rejects got their paws on anything stronger than sparklers. At least around here all they have are the little popping kind, and they run out soon after midnight. It's still no fun for pets.

    Glad to hear the animals are all doing well. A shag carpet dog and filet o' husband and other such shenanigans sound like everyone is in good form.

    Happy New Year to all, and to llamas, a good bath (in the spring, when it warms up)!

  5. How nice to learn something about your cats. I think AXE is the correct spelling, but here too, spellchecker says NO. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Loved your post! Kitties look fantastic. Had to chuckle in quite a few places. :-) Our animals and the husband are doing pretty well too. YoYo looks almost plump with her winter coat. She is such an active cat that she doesn't keep much weight on as opposed to the other two, especially Sadie who will only venture out on the sidewalk "just" outside the cat door. She is my cautious cat. :-) Take care my friend.


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