Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chicken-y things.

I don't have any photos today, just didn't take any.  I will try and get some soon.  

First egg of the season happened yesterday.  And by the size of it, I think it was one of the younger gals.  There are two kinds of hens at my place right now, young girls just starting out, or geriatric gals that may, or may not, lay a bit.  I keep the old gals strictly because they are the broody type, read: I had to finally lock one of the gals out of the nest box to stop her from setting.  No eggs, not even the marble ones, but she was bound and determined there HAD been eggs, therefore, she would sit. 

I also will be sending Chattanooga to a new home.  He was just as nice as could be, little dork.  


He is now getting his hormones in, has chased, attacked and generally harassed the girls, and then about a week ago, just LIT into Mon Ami, tearing him up quite a bit.  I decided he was on the short list for the stew pot at that point.  Not one day later, Husband comes in and tells me the little moron ran up and tried to spur him!

I quickly made a cage up, and put food in the back.  11 hens and 2 roosters later, I managed to get the 'riff-raff' out, and made it a personal abode for C Bird.  He did not like the accommodations, especially when realizing he was sans girls... 

Mon Ami realized this fact, when he noticed he wasn't being chased around the field, and could eat relatively undisturbed, unless you count a llama doing target practice, when he tried to nip breakfast from them.  

Husband and I were discussing when we were going to butcher Chattanooga, when I started looking through Craigslist.  I happened on a wanted ad for poultry.  Not really expecting much, I called.  The gal called back, and I told her about the little twit.  She sounded eager to have him, and so, tomorrow, Chattanooga will be chugging off to a new home with a 3 acre area to eat bugs, be with other chickens, some horses, and will be in a chicken house at night.

Pretty much his life, Part II.  He is lucky to get the reprieve.  Roosters are notoriously hard to place, at least around here, unless you give them to people who want to butcher them.

So, while no ham and eggs in Carolina, he will have feed and bugs nearby.  Which will probably suit him better anyway...



  1. Getting spurred by a feisty rooster is no fun, I have a 30 year old mark to prove it. I did want him for supper!

  2. I have been spurred, but fortune would have it, I haven't been hurt. I just do not want any of my animals to be aggressive, and I really won't put up with it when I now have soon-to-be family members that are afraid of chickens to begin with! But we raise them for both eggs and meat, so he was living on borrowed time when he started that. He just better thank his lucky stars that Husband and I were busy and didn't have time at the moment to butcher a bird...

  3. I think your rooster just won the poultry lottery.

  4. And he didn't even have to buy a ticket!!


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