Monday, March 02, 2015

Take THAT, Mel Brooks!

I was getting my yearly "heart check", and they go through and check the pressure and fluids.  That reminds me vaguely of a car, but anyway...

Finished up, and they have a 'counseling' session,  which gives you an idea how good or bad things are going, and how you can improve said things.

The gent that was talking to me had an iPhone that had some sort of whoopie-do app that could add up some info with data from my numbers.  Did I want to have him do this, no data saved, yada yada.


So he starts typing away, looks confused, wipes, types again, then the lightbulb goes on. "I just realized why it wasn't coming out right, I have you down as 4700 years old!"

I snorted, then piped up, "I look pretty good for my age, huh?"

We all had a good snicker at that one...  Oh, and I did pretty good, health wise, too.  Now to get the windows cleaned, and a new air freshener.  Um... Heh.

Just by the by, I did a little checking, I would have been born around the time of the Egyptian pyramids.

(2000 year old man...)


  1. I was thinking about the pyramids when I read 4700 years. Glad everything checked out okay.

  2. the title!

  3. Heeheehee! Well, yes, the Two Thousand Year Old Man should be jealous! And i'm glad you got a good bill of health.


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