Thursday, April 02, 2015

B is for...


I love containers.  Baskets are fun, buckets are essential (especially when feeding), but I love bags.

Am I referred to as the Bag Lady? Yes, indeed, and at oh, about 40 or more, weeellll...  Ahem.

As you can see by the picture, I have a variety.  Mom, (one of my enablers), made me a feed bag bag, which is on the left.  This has led to several others.  I have one that is a cat food bag, the poor clerk asked why the bag was open.  I couldn't help it, I shrugged, then said I was snacking while I was in the store.

I think she was ready to call security.

Mom also made me a couple "hippie" bags (one on the right).  I like it for my knitting, also, it doubles as a pillow...

Bags can make for interesting conversation.  The center bag reads "Notorious Knitters World Domination Tour".  When your 90+ year old grandmother reads this, there is LOTS of conversation!  The feed bags have led to discussions on crafting, animals, and family.

Other bags have led to conversations on what's "old", conservation, strength, weight, and brand loyalty.  (Do NOT get me started about using brand X bag at brand Y store!  The blasted money is green, so shush!)

I guess bags are my method of keeping my 'stuff' handy, but they've turned out to be a great way for me to talk to people, have fun, and attempt to keep organized.

Pretty good for a bag, huh?


  1. You are right about the money being the same color! If they don't like that i bring my own bags, and they might or might not have your logo, i can go somewhere else.

    Bags are useful, i just have to make sure i don't bag stuff and set it aside to take care of later, because later just doesn't come!

  2. Yes, I was, I suppose, rather rude to a clerk that looked at my Brand X bag when I was at Brand Y store, yip yip, oh, that isn't OUR bag, yipyipyip, and caught me in a bad mood.... I then, in a very loud voice (unusual for me), said "Well, I am spending money HERE, NOW!" He shut up...

    And I wouldn't know a thing about bagging and forgetting (cough craft room cough cough...)


  3. We have a 5p bag charge now for carrier bags, so if you're going shopping you kind of have to remember to take your bags, otherwise you spend extra on your shopping.

    I keep on saying I'm going to knit up some spares, though at the moment we've got quite the collection of 'bag for life' bags.

    I've also got quite a collection of fabric bags as well. I'll buy a new bag and use it for a year or so and then buy a new one. But I can never get rid of the old one, just in case I want it again some time.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  4. I once painted a portrait of a bag lady. It took me forever to paint all the items in her shopping cart, which was overflowing with bags.

  5. Bags are just neat containers! And baskets, too. So many choices about size & shape & color & use!

  6. Lovely humorous post! And bags are great I can only agree.

  7. I love the humor is your posts!

    Bags are great collectibles. And now, up here, where I live, you have to bring your own to almost every place - laws passed because of the overflow of non-decomposable plastic in landfills etc. So, bags - of all fashions - are making a stand in the world. And it's interesting to see what people are carrying, although admittedly, around where I live, which is in the middle of nowhere, it's pretty dull pickings.

  8. I admit that I have a bag problem. It's has been said that the collection might have gotten a bit our of hand but once someone needs one then I'm the superstar I love the feed bags and I have a couple of Alpaca chow and Horse Chow laying around from a friend. One day they will be bags for both of day,,,


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