Friday, April 03, 2015

C is for...

Chickens.  Or Cookies.

In my case chickens.

The girls amuse me a lot, they run around and get into the field and peck and run and scratch, they give me eggs for cooking, when one gets broody there are fuzzy little puffball chicks, and there are one or two that even get rambunctious and jump over the fence to see about the quality of green on this side.  (Henny Penny is the first and worst 'offender' of this, but she stays out of the cat food, and out from underfoot, so we let it go...)

Cookies?  Well, that is Husband's purview.

The man eats cookies like some people breathe.  I make cookies in double batches.

And just so happens, those recipes generally take several eggs.

Funny how things like that work out!


  1. Congratulations on a C post. I'm not finding many. I love chickens. I should get some. Maybe by the end of this challenge, I will. ;)

  2. These cookies you make, do you do mail order? Or delivery?

  3. Cookies and chickens are good things!

  4. Chickens! Gorgeous!

    I have fond memories of running about in the early early hours, as a kid, on my grandfather's farm, wandering after the chickens who had been let out of the coop, and were ready to lay their eggs. Some were so happy to offer, but others made a game of it, trying their best to keep me well away.

    Great post :)


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