Wednesday, April 08, 2015

G is for...

Good Morning.

Tuesday Mornings, specifically.  I have volunteer work that day, and so I have to "get at it" early.

I wake, and usually hear Husband already starting his day, showering.  I get up, let the cat out of the carrier, (we have her sleep there, for safety and health reasons.  Her safety, our health...), and we walk to her food dish.  I put down her kibble, clean the litter pan, and, after washing up, I prepare Rudee dog's food, and head out to the early morning.  In fact, right now, it's not so much early morning as just DARK.  I have to take a flashlight out, so I don't stumble.  Run the dog out for his morning potty break as I feed Buzz cat.  I hear the wild turkeys chuckle and gobble as they come out of the trees.

The neighbor's dog usually sees me, and starts barking.  Since he has the average intelligence of  burned out 1/2 watt light bulb, I ignore him.  I keep wondering how the neighbors can stand it, but they don't seem to get upset with him letting fly at 5:30am...

I get the food out, and Buzz lives up to her namesake, purring and crunching away.  I then get the chickens some food, and oyster shell.  They grumble and cluck, wanting out as soon as they wake up, this is the one day of the week they get out early.  They fly out the door, each claiming the 'best' spot, eating like I've starved them to death.  Drama Queens. (And King...)

If they decide to show, I will give a little bit of feed to the llamas.  They have learned not to dawdle, they love the food, but if they don't finish it quickly, the chickens are much willing to clean it up, even if they have to peck noses to do it.  The llamas, in turn, spray the chickens with spit, so I usually make a hasty exit before I have to have a shower...

And back into the house, quick breakfast for me, get my uniform on, make lunch, grab my various bags o' tricks, and purse, get out the rig, and get gone.

Come to think of it, I think it's one of the only days of the week that I am actually organized!


G could also be for good deeds, which I saw yesterday.  I was getting groceries, and then lined up to pay and leave.  2 people ahead of me.  

Great, quick line... 

The first was an older man, another a woman a bit younger than me.  I watched as the man pulled out a card, typed in a number, and the clerk shook her head. 

"Pin didn't work, could you try again?"
Type, type, type.
He pulls out another card.
Same result.
I start to fidget. I start to hurt if I stand very long, and this was seeming to take a bit.
He pulls out a third card.
Type, type, type, type.
"Sorry, sir, still not working..."

About this time, the lady peeks at what he's getting, and I see a smile hit the corners of her mouth.  She slips into her purse, pulls out a ten, and taps the man on the shoulder.  

"Merry Christmas early!  I will pay for his groceries..."

The man looks surprised, and then thanks her, asking if he needs to pay her back.
"Yes, you owe me one thing.  Go home and ask your wife what your pin number is!"



  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Good morning ( a bit late)! :P I'm intrigued by all of the animals you have? Cat, chickens and llamas? Great post :) Life Diet Health (A-Z Challenge 625 atow)

  2. I guess I should memorize MY pin number!

  3. Heeheehee! Love her answer!

    It sounds like you have a wonderful morning routine that you could repeat each day, but on days other than Tuesday, you could do it later enough in the morning to skip the flashlight.

  4. Getting up early for me, when it happens at all, usually involves a trip to the coffee maker and an early start on the writing of the day. So. Much. Writing. *sigh*

    (Blogspot won't let me comment with my Wordpress ID. My A - Z challenge blog can be found here: )

  5. What a lovely "good deed" story. We don't hear enough of those.

    Love your blog title by the way. Definitely an eye-catcher!

  6. I love that story of a good deed. I always try to help people out when I can and I love the idea of 'paying it forward'.

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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