Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for...


I like being busy, don't get me wrong, but doing 'nothing' is nice.  Kicking back and reading a book, or newspaper cover to cover.  (Okay, end to end, when I am on my tablet-y thing...)

Or knitting, without worrying about a timeline for the project, or even if I have another project...

Standing in the sun, watching my chickens peck, or chase bugs.

Staring down the cats.  I have actually won, by default...

Walking in the woods, listening to the wind, birds, and the occasional grumpy squirrel.

Watching an old movie with Husband. (When I am not watching it with my eyes closed...)

Gazing out the window at the cows next door grazing, or the horses parading and prancing, racing one another, just for the fun of running.

Listening to Mr. Petty on my MP3 player, of an evening.*

And sometimes, just zoning out, letting my internal dial tone take over...


On occasion, I have folks that, while not asking for money outright, sort of imply that they don't have funds and gee, what should they do, while staring intently at me.  My last shift had one.  He kept intently asking, I don't have any money to get to X, what should I do?  (Read: can't you give me money?) 

I have to be polite, but my first thought was, "lay off the cigarettes for a while."  But, that would be rude, and I did need to deal with his problem. I started to comment, when my stomach growled.

Now, this wasn't those little "grr" noises that happen, this sounded like I was trying to store a black bear in the file cabinet.  It was loud enough, the guy even backed up a step. 

I grimaced, and said excuse me, I'd not had lunch yet.  

He looked amazed, and said, "Uh, well, maybe I will just call the phone number you gave me, and see what I can arrange."  Then trotted out like his tail was on fire.

I still don't know if he thought I had a guard dog, thought I'd done something 'else', or just what, but I must say, it was certainly effective!  Mildly embarrassing, but effective...

*I told you I'd get Tom Petty in my blog, somewhere!  : )

(Ok, hit the wrong button, and posted this early.  Enjoy... Sigh.)


  1. My dentist looks just like Tom Petty, and then he hums and the spell is broken.

  2. Maybe he figured if you didn't have food money, he was asking the wrong person anyway.

    It's nice to sometimes do nothing but check the insides of the eyelids for cracks!

  3. Hehe, I agree with the above commenter. He must have figured that you had even less money than he did!

    And I agree, it's nice to have days when you just do nothing. I try to have one Saturday a month like that, just chilling without worrying about actually doing anything. ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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