Sunday, April 19, 2015

P is for...

Plans, plots, ideas and schemes.
(And I am late, sorry...)

Some of you have read my blog for a while, some are new.  So, some of you know about the various things I have planned. Writing a book, making a barn quilt block, losing weight, and other things.  Have I accomplished all the things I have chatted about on my blog? Some yes, some no.  In fact, those three I mention are on the "unfinished" list.

I don't consider them a fail.  Just a 'yet to do'.  Like the trailer I would like to build.

When I was much younger, I had a plan to read every book in the world.  I was then reminded by a very amused teacher that there were books in a lot of languages.


So, I decided that I would read every book in the English language.  As I became older, I found my tastes have rendered that a very unrealistic goal.  (I don't like romances, for one...)  But, as I have grown, I have found other goals, some crazy, (building said trailer), some more realistic, (learning to knit).  And I gain, and lose, plans as time goes on.

I guess that as long as I am planning and plotting, I am enjoying life.  And I guess that's the important thing.

But if you've looked at my bookshelves, you might think I still am working on the book plan...


  1. Don't ever quit working on the book plan. You are still modifying the plans, that's all. Even plans need to be modified over time.

  2. Even restricting yourself to only English books, that's a lot of reading to do.


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