Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for...


As far as beverages go, I sip a lot of different things.  I like milk, sodas, lemonade, cocoa, water...  But my favorite is tea.  I did drink coffee when I was in college.  I even had the occasional batch of chocolate covered espresso beans, but never really could get to where I liked the flavor.  It was a means to stay awake during study, not really an enjoyment.  Some people like to drink it...  I like the SMELL of coffee, but really don't care for the flavor.

But, tea.  I love tea.  Love it especially when it is dark, so dark that it is even mistaken FOR coffee.  A dear friend of mine termed this "English Workingman's tea".  I chuckled, when she continued, "when you stir it, and the spoon dissolves, then it's ready."

Well, I don't really think mine is QUITE that strong, but it is a bit more stout than most I have seen...

I normally drink water, and tea at the ren faire I perform at.  We had a wake for another dear friend that had passed away, and most know that I don't drink at faire.  Some had assumed I didn't drink, period.  So we all walked up to the pub, and I took two beers.  I was with my Dad, and a few friends, and they all said, "You only need one for the toast."  I replied, I realize that...

And set one beer by my Dad, and I took the other.  We had the toast, and when all was said, I took a long sip.  You could have heard a pin drop at my table.



"But you don't drink!"

"No.  I don't drink often."

Gotta keep 'em guessing somehow!


  1. Never let anyone define you. Always keep 'em guessing.

  2. Except for when they serve wine at communion instead of grape juice, i don't drink. Not from conviction that there's anything wrong with it, but because anything more than a few sips and i fall asleep. But i do say that someday the traffic around here may turn me into a drinking woman anyway!

    Yes, keep them guessing, life is more fun that way.

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Good one - I can just imagine their faces!

  4. I'm a bit of a tea drinker myself as well. I've tried a few different ones.

    I'm also not much of an alcohol drinker, so people are sometimes surprised when they see one in my hand too. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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