Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for...


I was driving home Wednesday, and a bird went in front of the truck.  Expected it to take off, and fly.

Nope, it kept running.  I slowed, waiting for it to fly.  When I came close enough, I realized it was a baby duck (at least I thought so).  The road is a highway, and lots of log trucks go by...  I didn't want to see the little thing squashed.  I took off after it, and picked it up, after a bit of a chase.  Took it home, and Husband and I tried to find out what it was.  We put it in the smallest cat carrier we have, and it looked like a ducky palace.

And then we figured out it was a goose, not a duck. I also wondered if it was a pet or something of one of our neighbors.  I looked up the little guy on the Fish and Game website, and received a nasty shock.  If it was wild, it was illegal to keep it.  We tried to find a Mama bird, other chicks, a nest... (Husband did this, much much thanks to him, especially checking with neighbors).  No one claimed it.  So, I called Fish and Game.

And was made to feel like some sort of semi-evil person because I had picked up the goose.  Didn't I know that it would not be accepted by its Mom, it would be a bad thing, yada yada yada.

Okay, I feel like crap, I can't keep it, NOW WHAT?  She transfers me to another one, that more or less says a similar thing, and then tells me that I need to contact a local Wildlife Sanctuary.

So, with no great expectation of anything but yet another tongue lashing, I called.

The gal could not have been nicer.  I told her what had happened, and first thing she asked, did you look for the Mom?  Yep, and I called F&G, and relayed what they'd said.

The gal snorted, and said, no, if it is the baby's mother, it will take them back, scent or no, it's the presence of someone that bothers them.  So, can you bring the bird in?

After filling a hot water bottle to keep the baby warm on the trip, Husband and I went to the Refuge.  The gal came out, and told us, yes, it was definitely a goose.  And probably a just hatched, or very recently hatched one.

So, we were then told, yes, it was illegal to keep the bird, but we could hold on to it for a few hours if we were looking for the Mom.  I said, well, we'd been trying, but couldn't find her.  We live in an area with lots of water sources, and she could have been anywhere.  The gal sighed, and said, yes, that happens...  And then little goose went into the Refuge.

I was told that I could call and find out how it was doing in the future.  And could we let them know if we found the Mom?

So, we left, a little happier that the bird would be okay.  But I still don't know exactly what I would do if a little honker buzzed by my truck again...

Oh, and of course, I had to take a picture...


  1. Stopping in from A-Z. I loved this story. I am so glad the ending was happier than the beginning. I hope the momma is located.

  2. I'd have picked it up just like you did. You probably saved the little one's life. Good for you.

  3. What a jerk! Even a lay person like me know that's an old wives tale about not being accepted back by the mom. My son found a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest last spring and we called out local wildlife rehab center - they said to look for the nest and if you could find it - put the bird back in - as quickly as possible and without making too much of a disturbance - and we did. End of story. No one should make you feel bad for trying to help!
    Happy A-Z.

  4. It would have been run over by someone careless, that's for sure. And i'll bet it was wandering because mama wasn't around for some reason. You did a good thing.

  5. That's definitely an unusual event. I think you did the right thing picking it up, like you said, it could've been run over or something. It's not everyone who would do that.

    Hopefully it'll grow up big and strong, ready to go back into the wild. You'll have to post an update to share how it gets on. ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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