Sunday, April 26, 2015

V is for...


I just had a shot for tetanus.  I couldn't remember when my last shot was, and between working on the fence near the chicken yard, and helping off and on with Mom's kitchen remodel...  I figured it was time.

When I was in school, my Mom. and her friend, would take all of we kids in to have shots, then to have ice cream.  It seemed like we were getting shots a lot, but having had family that had polio before the vaccine was available, I didn't feel like it was too big of a deal.

We were shuttled into the office, and the nurse went to get our respective charts.  We kids were chatting about what we would get at the ice cream store. My one friend would always get the largest ice cream available, and have it gone before it managed a drip.  Myself, a more moderate cone, chocolate, and if I was lucky, I might manage to get it eaten before the ice cream melted to a slurry on my shirt.

Soon enough, the nurse trotted back.  We kids all looked up to see who the first "victim" was.  The nurse had a big smile, and a bit of a twinkle in her eye, as she called us ALL up.  She announced to our moms, "These kids won't need immunizations for at least 5 years, they are all caught up."

The first response from we kids, "We are still going for ice cream, right?"  THEN we were happy to not be pin cushions for a while.

Priorities, you know.


  1. Yes, priorities are important. And nothing stops ice cream.

  2. Yes, priorities! The willingness to go through with it counts for a lot in my book.


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