Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for

X-Men, and other sci-fi stuff.

Husband and I occasionally have a date night.  We like to watch movies.  For some reason, we are both drawn to sci fi.  Occasionally we will watch historical fiction, or comedies, but mutants, spaceships, and droids (oh, my!), is our go to genre.

This makes for some unique conversations...

When I had broken my leg, we were talking with the doctor about the repair.  He was going to put a pin in, and the doctor said it was going to be titanium.  Husband made a comment to me about "was it military grade, you think?"  I replied, "You think we could upgrade it to adamantium?"  And we both laughed.

Note.  It isn't a good sign when your doctor stares, then coughs gently, looking like he's going to run...

We have watched many types, but the most familiar are- Star Trek, (old and new), Star Wars (mostly the old), and Terminator.  The last one was one was a movie Husband introduced me to... Which has led to some jokes about Arnold Schwarzenegger, both as actor and as politician.  Occasionally at the same time...

But you know, it's fun to have things like that to share.

Live long, and Prosper.


  1. My kids were all into X-Men for a while, and still do see the movies that come out. Sci-fi can be fun and what i love is to see it starting to come true!

  2. The need of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Wait a minute; isn't that socialism?

  3. Yes, indeedy, live long and prosper!


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