Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for...


In my list of blessings, this one was really at first, rather unexpected.  I started writing a blog, because I wanted to, but really had no thought that that many people would actually read it.  I was using it more as a general journal.  If someone read it, great.

Then I started having people comment.  Wow.  People were reading my blog!  And I found other folk's blogs.  I started commenting back.  I learned about other peoples hobbies, lives, and loves.  Some were truly new things for me, some were quite familiar.

And then my parents purchased computers.  They wanted to read the blog, too.  I am not sure, but I think this was the first webpage my Mom looked up by herself.  (Way to go, Mom!)  They have become much more proficient with computers, but let me know they've read the day's missive.  (But neither have commented online... Yet.) 

Husband reads my blog, too.  I don't hear a lot from him about it, but occasional things he says leads me to believe that he doesn't miss much of what he reads!

So, Mom, Dad, Husband, love you all, and hope you enjoy my 'flights of fancy'.  To all who read my blogs regularly, thank you!  To those who comment, bless you!  If you are just visiting, welcome, feel free to look around...  And I hope to give you more to read and enjoy, as time goes on!



  1. How fun that your parents read your blog. My mother doesn't have a computer, but she thinks all of my posts are about her.

  2. And i'm grateful you are here to read! Your critters and your stories about volunteer work and ren faires is good reading!


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