Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A night to remember. Riiiiight...

Mr. Chatterbox wrote a blog about proms, and was talking about how they were times for young men and women to dress up, and dinner.

2 memories for me of prom, one mine, one not.

A friend of mine, who decided to go all out for his girlfriend at the time.  He rented a stunning tux, did up the dinner at a wonderful restaurant, and danced the night away.

Typical prom stuff, right?


He rented a white tux.  Looked great, as I said.  Until he took her to dinner.  It was a wonderful place that served beef ribs.  Gooey barbecue beef ribs.

There was no return on his cleaning deposit...


I know several girls that were absolutely elated about the prom they went to.  Me? Um.

I went with a guy that was okay, we both played D&D together a bit, he'd asked me, and I figured why not?  So, Mom and I went to get a nice dress, and some (slightly) high heels, even then heels were just a little too much of a challenge.  A few days before the prom, he calls and asks if I can drive.

No, I don't have my license.  Why?

He stammers a bit, I don't either.

Okay, I say, well, we can ask our parents, one of them might be able to take us.  He says, great, I already asked my Mom, and she said she would.  (Ooookay, why did he ask, then?)

So, he then mentioned he didn't have funds for dinner.  Could we just eat at home?


He and his Mom arrive, and he's wearing clean black jeans and a sport coat.  Not bad, I guess.  We get in the back seat, and he hands me a rather cute white corsage.  Then, putting it on, he gropes me.  Not a subtle slip, the dude grabs me.  I push his hand back, and pin the corsage on myself.  His Mom is oblivious.

We arrive, and he trots off to get us something to drink, I think.  I sit down with a couple other friends from D&D, at a corner table.  We comment on the doings, and I realize it's been several songs, haven't see my date.  I look around, he's gone over and sat down with some other guys at a table.  I go over and start to ask if he'd like to dance.  Oh, no, he says, I'm in the middle of a conversation, can we later?

I go back to the table with my other D&D friends, and we talk for a while, and we are bored.  I ask if anyone has any dice, we could at least get a game started.  No such luck.

I forget who, but one of us tears a little dab of our 'commemorative booklet' and tosses it into the dippy little votive in the center of the table.  Poof!  This amuses us, and soon, we are making tiny little strips and dropping it into the center, making the flame rise.  This is great fun, until we get the flame about a foot or so high, and two teachers come over, all but screaming at us to stop that, and one dumps a cup of water on the thing.

So much for that.  A slow dance comes on, and my date finally decides to come over and have us dance.

I will leave most of the details out, but he stepped on my feet, and I had to nearly use karate on him to keep him from pawing me naked before the song ended.  We both sat quietly after, sipping our respective cups of watered down juice.  We both decided that we wanted to leave, so he called his Mom.

Heading home, he tried his hardest to cop a feel again.  I bet you, to this day, he regrets getting me that cute corsage.  The corsage with a long, sharp pin.  I stabbed him no less than three times on the way home.

The Mom's comment on son's behavior?  Oh, how sweet, he wants to cuddle.

So, I do have memories of a prom...

And a lasting hope that most girls don't have to have mace, and 12 sided dice, to have a good time at them.


  1. Sounds like your prom night was a disaster. Could have been worse; you could have married the jerk.

    1. I may not be a genius, but even then, I was smart enough to figure out that wanting to pound someone flat, probably wasn't a good start to a relationship... :P


  2. He behaved like a scumbag, and his mother should have walloped some sense into him.

    1. I wish. His mother kept referring to it as "cuddling", (she was watching in the rear view mirror), and had no problem with it... !



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