Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Album.

Mon Ami, crowing about what a proud Dad he is...

Orange Mama, keeping babies warm.

Red Mama, also warming babies.

Orange Mama with her bunch...

And Red Mama, taking the kids for a stroll.

And this little guy is "Bullit", as in he dodged one.
We found him with a big wound on his back, and half dead.
He still had the stamina to bite me when I picked him up.
He is doing well, almost healed up, and going strong.
(He might be a she...)


  1. Yes, i do hope Bullit is a she, so she can stay. Lovely mamas and chicks, and a handsome papa!

  2. Aren't they as cute as chicks can be! Darling. Proud Moms!
    [Dodged the] Bullit looks pretty perky!

  3. As a boy of the suburbs, I've spent little time around chickens, but they do fascinate.

  4. So wonderful to see the little ones! We only managed six between two hens this year. I am blaming the weather it has been crazy over here, hot then cold, then roasting, then snow! But we are glad we managed some, as well as a mysterious white one! Never had white before!

  5. Hey! How are the baby chicks doing?


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