Monday, June 08, 2015

Speeches, kitchens, and chicks.


Haven't written for a while.  I managed to survive my presentation on scam prevention, much thanks to several people in the justice system!  It went pretty well, except that the computer that was going to give little vignettes to reinforce what I'd spoken about, didn't work.  That is, the VIDEO was fine.  There was NO AUDIO.  So, I improvised on the first one, since I could actually remember most of the dialogue from it, then skipped the others. (Too bad, too, one had some good info in a cartoon format...)  And no less than the Under Sheriff  tried to help me get the blasted thing going again, to no avail.

I love tech, sometimes... snarl...

I think it went well, but the funniest thing.  One older gent fell asleep during my talk.  I don't take this personally, he falls asleep during most of the meetings.  But after, he came up and told me "That was an excellent talk!"  I grinned, thanked him, and went on.

Mom's kitchen is coming together, albeit slowly.  Poor Husband had X'ed out a month in April.  Then he wanted to do this, that, something else, and Mom made some suggestions.  Then there were a few bugaboos.  We are now finally on the home stretch, however.  I will ask Mom if I can post a pic when it's finished.  It really is coming together spectacularly.  Mom says she went a bit overboard with the cabinets, but I figure, storage always seems to be an issue, so more cabinets is better than less!

Mon Ami is a daddy again!  We had about 16 chicks, sadly a couple didn't make it.  But, one that I wasn't sure about pulled through so far, I have named it Bullet (for dodging one), and then the others, well, I intend to sell some, so I have decided to refrain from naming them for now.  (Pictures soon.)  Bullet will most likely stay, but we'll have to see if she is a she, or if he's a he...

I think things will be a tad slower this month, perhaps I can get more than one blog in... (eye roll)

I hope all my blog friends are doing well, I keep hearing about rabid weather in the center of the country, and we are just starting into 90+ days here.  (Sorry, this little fat chick does NOT like that kind of warm...)  So, hope all of you are safe and well, and here's hoping I can get some decent photos of cluckers and counters soon!


  1. I am willing to bet the older gent tell that to every speaker.
    Lovely, chicks, cannot wait!
    Looking for pics of that fab kitchen too!

  2. To err is human, but to really foul things up requires technology, as i've said since the late 70's. Or, as Douglas Adams said, "We are stuck with technology when what we really want is stuff that works."

    Yes, more cabinets. Yes, it always takes twice and long and costs twice as much as you think. Here's hoping it doesn't have to be redone again in your lifetime!

    Congratulations to Mon Ami, and i hope Bullet is a pullet, so she can stay!


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