Saturday, July 25, 2015


I am writing this on my Word thing, to see if I can use it when the internet provider is a pain in the (***).  I want to find out if it will accept a finished blog, thereby eliminating the need for me to go on the site, type, have it time out, dump what I wrote, swear profusely, repeat…

And it was asked if I could find a different provider.  Not really.  You know the middle of nowhere?  We seem to be on the southeast edge of it, internet wise.  We found out that all the different providers except one, go through the phone lines.  GUESS who is the one slowing down the connection?  The one that isn’t, has TERRIBLE reviews, and is like $$$$$$$ per month, basically what we pay for a year, is a bit less than one month’s of theirs.

So, I snarl, and see if I can do an end run ‘round the problem.  Which is pretty tricky since I can’t run very well…

At any rate, if you see this, I found out I can do blogging with Word…  And also, thank you for the birthday wishes!

*Happy dance, it worked!!!*


  1. Seriously, "Word" or????????????????????
    Word thingy, think you lost me or I am too thick.

    Argh! Have a good day and ...
    Whatever works!

  2. Hooray! Yes, i write almost everything on a note on the iPad or a notepad on a computer (when we have one) and then copy and paste. It does help.

  3. Yes, I see it perfectly. I hope your problem is solved.


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