Monday, September 07, 2015

Adam 12, End of Watch.

Just read that Martin Milner died.  I really enjoyed watching him, (enough that my husband would tease me about having a crush on him.  Meh.  Probably.)  I only somewhat recently saw him on Route 66, and really liked that show, too.

Badge 744 is now officially retired.  Still like to watch Adam 12.

He had been ill for a while, I can't remember at the moment from what, but had been doing poorly for a while... I hope his family is okay.  I always thought he looked incredibly happy in the few photos I saw him with his wife.

Goodbye Mr. Milner...


  1. It was in the paper this morning, it's very sad. It seems some of our early heroes will be our heroes forever, though, no matter what.

  2. He seemed like an upright guy, which is rare in Hollywood.


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