Monday, September 21, 2015

An update! No, really!!

Good Heavens, it has been a bit since I last blogged.  Some because the (censored) internet won’t let me on… (I time out, before I can log on to Blogger. Sooo much fun. Ahem. Patience is a virtue.  I am not a virtuous woman, in that case…) Also, because I have actually been doing a bit, and haven’t been on the computer as much.  Meh.

I’ll get there eventually, right?

So, in farm-ity type news, I have four new chicks.  I really wasn’t wanting them, but it’s my red Mama Bird that will stick with it, and so I let her.  Photos at some point, when I can.  The animals seem to be liking the cooler weather, most especially Rudee.  The exception is, everyone is shedding summer ‘fluff’ for winter ‘fluff’, and so it looks like my animals blew up!  I call my place Fur ‘n Feathers Farm, well, at the moment, I have it graphically displayed, there is loose feathers all over the place, some rather bedraggled looking chickens, Rudee looks… ratty, and just drops fur all over the place when he moves.  I ‘rake’ him regularly, to not much effect, his new fur will come in eventually, but right now… Ugh.  I will not mention what Husband and my bathroom floor looks like, as I hate to admit that it’s more OUR “fur” than a certain cat.  Ding, last I checked, doesn’t have 6-8 inch long locks…  The llamas didn’t get shorn this year, we were going to, but decided it was getting late in the season, and we’d shear early in the spring instead.  (When we find a new shearer, the one I used tore up his back and retired, his replacement, not such good reviews… Sigh.)

I went to Shrewsbury Faire.  It was the 20th anniversary.  I have been there 19 years.  Well, I went to the first one, but as a through the gate, paying customer, almost all the rest have been as faire folke.  I didn’t have the best time, there were some definite problems for me one day, but the next day I was able to rest, and my Dad helped out a lot… Like when I managed to lock my trailer with the screen door locked.  You cannot get in, because even if you unlock the main door, it’s attached to the screen.  So, after some creative digging and screwdriver work, we undid everything, and I was again able to enter my portable abode.  I think that was only the third or fourth meltdown that day… Eeeep.  But, I was able to visit with several friends I only see once or twice a year, and tell some stories and jokes to kids, some receptive, some not, so it worked out.

I signed up for a class to be trained a little more on my Neighborhood Watch work, and I even managed a scholarship, which is nice!  It was also cool to find out I know at least two of the teachers, so, I am looking forward to that.  The bit of a drive, not so much, but I guess it might be too much to ask for them to have the class in my hometown, since it’s a statewide thing, and folks are coming from ALL over… It’s at the facilities where they train the police forces, (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, DPSST), so I am looking forward to some people watching, too.  Especially if there is exercise involved… :)

And, lastly, for now, I have drunk the Kool-Aid.  I, heavily begrudgingly, and with MUCH annoyance, joined Facebook.  I have so many people that I don’t seem to be able to reach any other way, I decided to try the nonsense again.  Facebook doesn’t exactly like how I didn’t answer all the questions, tho, basically, it has my name, and location, and age.  I wouldn’t have put that much down, if I could have figured out how to circumvent it… The ones who need to know, already know, and most of the rest couldn’t care less, if they made an effort.  We shall see what happens.  I found some relatives, and a few ‘real life’ friends that I don’t see much.  I will see about blogging, and Facebooking in the very early AM, perhaps I will be able to get through. (Facebook doesn’t like slow internet, either…)

So, all is relatively well here, and I am going to try getting on other folk’s blogs on Tuesdays when I have a fighting chance of reading them without the whole thing going futzy…


  1. Congratulations on dipping your toe into the world of Facebook. Just remember that having a lot of friends on Facebook is like sitting at the popular an insane asylum. Ha! Take care.

  2. I drag my airhose through the dog hair and I have rolls of it down the hall. Both dogs are smooth coated - it still makes rolls.
    Yeah, know what you're talking about with the internet. I have wireless with a booster, costs a freaking fortune, but I couldn't take the other one. I still have times where I can't get on.
    Facebook has simmered down a little. Welcome aboard. My account is under Sherry. Look me up.
    Do you have a big neighborhood to watch? From all parts of my house, I can see 4 houses - one is close. (Need binoculars to check out the others - I would be a poor watchman)

  3. It's great to have to check in whenever you can!
    Congratulations on the new family members, even if they were rather unintentional. Chicks are probably cute enough to make up for it.
    So far, i've managed to avoid Facebook, and i hope to continue to do so. Anyone who needs me has my email and phone number, or can get them, is how i figure it.
    If all of your animals are shedding/molting/leaving visible trails that way, mine are probably not too far behind. Time to break out the Furminator.
    Hooray for a scholarship, i hope you enjoy the class, and that the driving isn't too strenuous.
    As for the Faire, i hope you enjoyed enough of it to make you want to go back again, although maybe you will want to be a paying guest again

  4. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Hopefully your internet will behave itself a little more now.

    And congratulations on your chicks. You definitely have to share a photo of them. :-)


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