Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quick, while the internet is working!

Things are going okay here… We did lose a chick, unfortunately, Mama Bird got in some fights with the other birds, I think she stepped on the one.  Sad.  But the others are thriving, and I have some nice up and coming birds for either selling, or possibly dinner, eventually.  I know we have a few boys, there are some hackle raising and bravado going on…

Ding has decided my Lucky Bamboo plant is a lovely garnish.  She’s killed one, and well on her way to seeing if she can ‘trim’ the other 2 plants…  When she isn’t trying to eat the rubber bands holding my computer’s power supply. (I keep it bound to a tile, so it doesn’t get hot.)  She doesn’t like getting sprayed, so the second she hears me get up, zing, she’s somewhere else, looking innocent.

Yeah. Right. Innocent.

I have been hand spinning some yarn, and hand plying it.  I hope to make socks.  It is taking a while, I forgot how long it takes when you strictly use your hands, no “help” like a wheel, or better yet, an electric spinner…  But it will be fun to see how it comes out.

Husband bought me a dishwasher.

The other, well. Um.

It was time.

It wasn’t cleaning any more, and things were getting worse, and more and more tinkery.  Husband actually took a look at the inner workings, and then got up and started checking around for a new one. (This says something, because he normally fixes things, and only buys new as a last resort.) So, now I have this little wonder that looks like it’s out of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it twingles and dings, making various sounds to let me know it’s on duty.  I will be getting nervous if it says hello…  Although, who knows, maybe that IS hello!

The weather is finally getting cooler here, I made applesauce, it was okay, but the apples are not very juicy, I had to keep adding water so I didn’t scorch the sauce.  Husband suggested apple juice.  Um, good idea, but I don’t have any.  Guess I should put that on the list for the next time I am in town.

Well, I am writing this right before the “Blood Moon Eclipse”.  I want to go out and see it, it will actually be doing its thing before I turn in for the evening…  I keep reading that this is an “event” eclipse, that it will be a portent of major events and life forces, catastrophes and wonders.

I guess we shall see about all the whatis that will occur later…

I just think it sounds like it will be pretty.


  1. I'm off to check it out. I hear there's a crowd at the bottom of our hill gathered to look at it.

  2. Our apples are like that - kind of dry, we feed them to the horses. Sorry about the chick. My washing machine has a bunch of different sounds, plays a tune when it's finished ...
    Blood moon - I saw some pretty ones on the net - Not in MY sky. Clouds were in the way most of the time. About the time the eclipse was over - the sky was filled with stars. Grrr.

  3. It was pretty, what we could see of it when the clouds got out of the way.

    Sorry about the chick, and it does sound like you are going to have a couple of extra chickens for the stew pot one of these days, or maybe fryers?

    As for keeping cats away from things they shouldn't get into, the only advice i can give is to rub pepper sauce on the items, and hope you don't have a Cajun cat.

  4. I don't know if I'd want a dishwasher that talks to me! But then again - if I'm not having to spend my evenings up to my elbows in gross water - it can chatter all it wants!
    I hadn't heard that about the Eclipse (being a portent of stuff) - I'll have to watch out for the unusual!

  5. Did you see it? The blood moon and eclipse?
    We had a great view from here. Nice to be in awe of the sky and natural world.

  6. We don't like to buy new appliances here either. Husband tries to fix as much as he can, but sometimes new is necessary.) We have a new washing machine that likes to wink at me with all its lights, and when I set load size and temperature, it sounds like a pinball machine. I win! Lol


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