Sunday, October 18, 2015

A lack of charm(s), among other things.

Yes, Virginia, it's been a while since I've blogged.

I won't say I've been busy, but it's been sort of chaotic.  First, a charm bracelet that I borrowed from Mom is missing.  I have been going through all the places I had it, (I was buying a charm for the bracelet at Christmastime, and needed one charm to show the jeweler...), cleaning out all the places I store important items, went through all my coats and winter clothing... Even went through a lot of my Christmas 'stuff' ornaments and decorations.

No dice, so far.

Husband had to put up with my nearly total mental meltdown, as it caught me so off guard.  I'd thought I'd returned it to my mom just after Christmas.  So, we continue to look, and call different places I thought it could have fallen out/been left/whatever.

So, how I figure it, I will go look for something unrelated in a few months, and there it will be, like a little silver lump.

At least that's my hope...

I have set up my Face Book account, and to quote Mr. Chatterbox, "Just remember that having a lot of friends on Facebook is like sitting at the popular an insane asylum."

My word, are you right, sir!

I have ultra far right wing folk, ultra far left wing folk, very Christian types, very Pagan ones, and some that I am not sure WHAT they are (nor do I care, actually.).  I actually had to "block" one person's account, I really didn't care for the language and photos...  Sadly, it's a family member, so I will have to check it from time to time. But, other than a few people asking my comments on a topic I will NOT discuss, I have sidestepped any huge land mines, political or otherwise.  I have about 17 or so folks that I am FBing.  I am using it for folks I wouldn't be able to chat with normally, that live out of the area.

Oddly enough, I was going to sign up with a local book writer's group, and my auntie.  Guess which two are not on FB anymore?  Hmph.

I wanted to post some pictures here.  I will try and see if I can, in the early morning.  Husband and I have found that is the time when the slug slow internet sort of runs steady, if not quickly.  (That's when I have been checking the FB thing, several of my friends send videos.  Oh, great...)

I found that a few of my friends with Green Asterisk internet have been having the same problems that I have.  One even went so far as to call the company.  They told her that it was just a common problem, and they couldn't do anything about it.  She said, well, then, can I pay half the amount on my bill, since you are giving me HALF the amount of internet?

Uh, no...  (Like we expected anything different?  *Sigh*...)

So, I muddle along, trying to find times when the blasted thing doesn't time out on me...  Meh...

The animals are doing pretty well, we ended up with only 3 roosters on the last big clutch of eggs.  There are only two chicks left of the latest batch, the one chick wouldn't stay around Mom.  Or any of the other chickens.  And would walk out by its self in the main yard.  Well, even with me trying to shoo it back, it didn't work.  We had a Red Tail hawk, and I suspect it had a meal...

The last two, however, are doing quite well, if a bit ratty looking at the moment.  They are at that "ugly" stage, where they don't have baby fuzz, quite, and they aren't feathered out, quite.  They sort of look like feather dusters that someone dropped in dryer lint.

I picked up a few books.  I wanted to read some of these for a long time, some I'd read before... But.
I'd read them in college for English Lit, those, read fast, take notes, take test, boom, done.  Retention, what retention? You mean, I'm supposed to REMEMBER it???

So, I am starting with Jack Kerouac's On The Road.  I have several, and I will try to mention what I am perusing, as I peruse.  But now I can read them to enjoy them.  I think that will make them a lot better.  However, I will not be reading A Tale Of Two Cities any time soon.  Or ever.  Yeah, never's good...

I tried to read that book.  I like some of Dicken's work.  That, my dear blog friends, ain't going to be one of them.

And I have a class coming up soon, I will have a very busy week, as I drive about an hour to get to the class, then about 8 hours, then home, for about 3 days.  I feel really, really fortunate to get the chance, so I don't begrudge the drive, especially since the last one was held about 2 1/2 hours away.  The classes are for all over Oregon, so they even have low cost housing, if needed.  I just have to remember to bring a lunch...  Yep, fortunate.

So, I will try and let all of you know about the rest of the animals, the mouse, Ding, and just how much cleaning it takes to get a place presentable when a former boss comes to visit... Soon.


  1. I've been meaning to read Jack Kerouac's On The Road for thirty years and still haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully I'll read it one day.

  2. And now you know why i'm glad i've been able to avoid Facebook.

    It is nice to be able to go back and reread old favorites. As for Dickens, some i love and some i don't, it seems everyone who reads him feels that way.

  3. I don't have a bunch of fb 'friends' for the reasons you state.
    I read a LOT, I retain nothing.
    I hope the bracelet is found.


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