Friday, February 12, 2016

Aw, nuts.

I was at a meeting, and someone brought cashews.

I love cashews, can't stay out of them.

So, I nibbled my way through the meeting.  I really should have moved them somewhere that I couldn't reach them, but, hey, they are cashews!  With the meeting over, I was told I could take the rest of the bowl home, because they were too rich for the gal that brought them.  I tried to beg off, telling her we didn't need them at home, as I didn't need them, and I was the only one who ate them at the house...

Aaaand, I was asked to take them home anyway.

Sigh. Well, okay.

I brought them in the house. Husband glances at the bowl.  "Cashews?"
"Yeah, I was told to bring them home, so I guess-"
Crunch.  Crunch. Mmm. Crunch.

Huh, ooookaaay, maybe he DOES like them.

Husband is putting a handful into his mouth, and Ding is wandering around looking at him like he has something very tasty that she isn't getting.  He downs another dozen or so, and gives her one to sniff.

She sniffs, then tries to bury it.

No accounting for taste.

So, I start to nibble.  Husband grabs another handful.  "These are really salty. I don't think I am used to this much salt..." Munch...

I made dinner, and he really had a hard time eating, said he wasn't all that hungry.

Hmmmm.  Now why would that be?  :)


  1. I love cashews too! It does sound like too much of a good thing though, if it spoiled supper for you two!

  2. I enjoy eating nuts, but cashews don't top my list. But Mrs. Chatterbox can't get enough of them.

  3. Me cashews. If I was offered free cashews, I would of grabbed them so quickly the giver would be in jeopardy of losing his/her hand.

  4. Cashews are addictive. They are also good for you, if you are using them to substitute for unhealthier forms of fat.


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