Friday, February 26, 2016

Watch cat, and chasing horses.

I was thinking, gee, I've nothing to blog about.  

Um. Be careful what you wish for, so to speak.  

Mom called, and said there were some horses loose at their house, but they weren't there, having left for an appointment.  I called the Sheriff's Office, and zipped over to Mom and Dad's place.  The deputy showed up, and we made a bit of a game plan.  I kept an eye on the wayward horses (4 of them), while he walked over to see if the neighbor would let us run the horses over to his place temporarily, as my parent's place has no fencing around it, as they have no animals anymore.  

While the deputy was talking, I walked down to the horses.  They were pretty much 'who cares, we got food'...  Good, so far I don't have to worry about them wandering out to the road right then.  

When the deputy returned, my cell rang.  After some confusion, Dad explained there was a gate at the far end of the place.  I had either forgotten about it, or didn't know it was there.  However, it was a mess when we went to it.  The horses had basically torn it down, and wandered over it.  And, as it was four full grown horses, it was then mashed, tangled, and generally in severe disrepute.

Turns out, someone was renting the property behind my parents place for horses, and the neighbor said they had four of them. Bingo...

We ended up making a game plan, moving what was left of the gate so it was completely out of the way.  The deputy then walked over to where the 4 were, and shooed them to me, where they were looking curious, as I was sweet talking and clicking for them.  Once we were more or less blocking the way out, and letting them have the choice of going through the opening, I started bellowing, and flapping my arms wildly.  They darted through the hole to get away from the crazy woman, and we closed what was left of the gate.

I went up and checked if I could get some pallets to block the gate.  The deputy tried to lift up one that was nearby, it had a bunch of berry vines through it, so I pointed out some others.  He said they were rotted.  I told him it was just a temporary, more a visual barrier than anything, I wasn't worried if they were 100 per cent.  He walked one pallet down, then I tried to walk the other.  

Um.  I found out, a pallet that is soaked is HEAVY.  Finally, I think he took pity on me, walking back up and we both grabbed a side, walked it back down.  I thanked him, and told him that I needed to get some wire to get the pallets tied down.  We walked back up, just in time for Mom and Dad to show up.  

Did I mention it was RAINING steadily during this whole fiasco?  We were dripping...  I asked the deputy if he was going to be all right, he said yeah, he was only on duty for a bit more, and he'd set his uniform out to dry during the evening.  Oh, great... (They only have one uniform?)  I, too, was rather soaked, it hadn't been raining when I'd left, and by the time all was said and done, I figured, why bother.    

Dad brought down some more pallets so I could barricade the gate a little better, then I went up to the house, dripped to the bathroom, cleaned up a little, then left, going home to a hot bath, dry clothes, and my watch.

Oh, why is the watch important? 

My watch band broke the other day, and I had made a repair.  I'd remembered setting it down when I'd gone outside to do some work, but couldn't find it when I returned.  

If you've ever met me, you'd know this is not a good thing.  For one thing, I am nearly broke down without a watch.  For another, I go nuts(ier), when I can't find something.  This was NOT a good combination...  Didn't find it, didn't find it, where the !%&* is it, can't find it, BAH!  

And so I gave up.  Dug out a spare watch, put it on, and grumbled about needing a new watch.  (The spare is very hard to read.)  So, I was about to leave for the above adventure, when Ding comes out from under the bed, with what I thought at first was a lizard or snake. 


Then she drops it, and I realize, that is my watch!  Our 'watch cat' had pilfered my watch, hid it under the bed, and then brought it out later... So it is now firmly attached to my person again, and she... Well, Husband is calling her the Watch Cat Thief.  

So, how was your day?  


  1. I'm surprised the Watch Cat Thief didn't add insult to injury by asking for a reward.

  2. Oh my...what an adventure. That is pretty generous of you and the sheriff to work out in the rain to retrieve someone's roaming horses. The thought that they might wander onto a road scares the bejessus out of me.

    We, also, don't keep livestock on our farm anymore and I am not sure if we would even realize if neighboring farm animals made their way to our pastures. As we don't live there and just occasionally travel there, we depend on hubby's brothers that still farm to keep an eye out on our place.

    While we have lived in cities most of our married life...a few years ago, I woke up to a bull in our backyard. The one remaining farm in the area had a bull named Pete that broke down our back fence and was heading for the swimming pool. I called the farmer and he came over ASAP before Pete got into the pool. It was a hot day and I am sure the pool looked inviting. Poor boy wouldn't of liked the chlorine, I assume. We will never know as Pete was taken back to his own pasture.

  3. Sounds as if you had a bit more of a day than you wanted, right? Nothing quite like messing with fences in the rain.
    You may be unhappy when you get to my age and frequently forget most everything.
    My cat used to steal rings and earrings - she liked shiny things to bat around.

  4. Heeheehee! Your Watch Cat, well, none of mine can hold a candle to that! Your story is mostly funny although i am sorry you had to deal with a neighbor's horses, they need to fix that fence.

  5. That was certainly an eventful day.

  6. Hi again, Cat...just checking...I left a message for this post and it never showed up. Only asking so I can find out if I need to change my sign on if you aren't receiving my comments.

    1. Yep, just haven't had much time to reply. Because of spam, I don't let the comments go out 'til I've released them... Sorry, but yes, have comment, will reply. Eventually. Eeep.

    2. No problem..totally understand. I have been having trouble with Disqus at my end and thought maybe I needed to sign on with something other than Google.


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