Monday, March 21, 2016

Book, or not... Huh...

I have been considering the the book I want to write in November.  I have a general idea, but had been sort of mentally 'floating'.  Do I want to work on something completely different?  I had a general idea for a crime type novel, but as much as I love fiction, especially science fiction, I started contemplating that some.

Hmm.  A cat.  And kids.  And an alien.

No wait, the cat is an alien!

Okay, some would argue that isn't sci-fi, but I digress...

I kept kicking this idea around, and realized it would make a really...  Not so great book.  It was too visual.  It kept tickling the back of my mind, however, and then I realized, the way I was thinking about it, was a comic.

It's not a book, it is a visual story.  I will probably draw up something, and see if I can make it work.  However, since one (or possibly more) of the characters communicates visually, not verbally, per se, I think frames well outweigh paragraphs in this case.

But I still want to write during November...


Not this.

So, I will have to do some mock ups, and see how it goes!


  1. I have great admiration for someone that writes a book. I tried to write a book about 10 years ago but between the research and the process of making it come together...I just couldn't make it into the story I had floating in my brain. For me it turned out much more difficult than I thought is was going to be.

  2. You thinking of doing NANOWRIMO? Been there, done that, twice. It can be addicting. :)
    Nice to hear you are preparing well ahead. I pretty much just jumped in feet first, I do not recommend it. LOL!

  3. I hope an idea takes root and pushes you in the direction you want to go.

  4. It sounds intriguing! There is a story about cats being aliens, it's a young teen book i remember reading years ago, Star Kaat, or something like that.


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