Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday. Um. Yes. A post.

Well, I have little to nothing today.

I have been knitting hand warmers, basically a glove without fingertips, so I can wear them and still do most things.  I found that I astound the younger set, they think they are just perfect for iPhone thingies... Meh.  I find my finger joints aren't as uncomfortable.  If they are "wowing" other folks, well, that's just gravy, I guess.

I am finishing up my Not Quite 100 Square Afghan.  I am still crocheting the 'frames' for the squares, then the border after, so I will probably have another week or two on it, less, if I actually DO it... I try for about a line a day, it is such a long blanket, one line takes just about a day to do.

The hens are doing pretty well, I am getting 5-6 eggs a day, with the occasional gust of 8.  I am about ready to trounce one of the hens, she keeps picking on one of the younger ones, which leads to hiding in the nest box.  Which leads to a mess in said nest box.  eeeeeeewww...

I will be going to a few Neighborhood Watch events, the head guy has a whole rash of them coming up, so we shall see what transpires.

I have decided that I really wish I could go deaf and blind when politics comes on the radio and TV.  I don't care what party it is, I am beginning to feel there needs to be a blanket limit on how many times we have to listen to the same thing repeated ad nauseum.  Your mileage may vary...

I will hopefully be making some bricks soon.  Yep, bricks.  I have a brick making kit, where you can put words in said bricks.  Deciding that it would make nice plant i.d. items, I will be making my own non-blow awayable, non-fading, big tags, that will last more than one season.

Or that's the plan, at any rate.

Oh, and the Iditarod starts tomorrow...  MUSH!!!


  1. Gee, when I say, "I got nothin'" I really have nothing, you were quite newsy. Lol.
    The only time I made fingerless gloves was before I added the fingers ...
    Happy joining the squares time. Whenever you do it.
    I do not turn on the regular TV, works every time to eliminate the mud slinging and BS. It's only March and I believe we need a third party by the name of "None of the Above" to come in here!
    Lots of eggs! Messy hens :(

  2. You sound like you are keeping very busy. I am trying to round up all my tax documents to get over to the accountant so I would welcome the time to do something crafty. Not in the cards for at least a couple of days. I haven't made bricks in the past but I have made garden stepping stones. I still have a couple of kits to make some new ones this year but last years still are looking nice.

    I am with you about having to hear or watch any thing political. How I have managed to live over 60 years on this planet and never have been so upset at the behavior of people that are vying for the presidency. Both parties are behaving like children although some individuals are setting a new "low bar" for sleazy campaigns.

  3. It would take more than bricks to teach this non-plant-person what a plant is, but i think it's a great idea for your garden.

    Hiding in a nest box does not sound like fun.

  4. I hear the Iditarod is having problems with a lack of snow. How can this be since climate change is a hoax?

  5. I so agree with you about the politics and this year it's really embarrassing. Someday, I hope to make an afghan. I'm doing pretty well with wash clothes and pot holders, but it is time to graduate to bigger things.


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