Friday, March 25, 2016

Not a friend of Mary Jane.

It happened again...

I was at the store, wearing my tie dye and floppy hat, and walking out.  I saw a gent tying his shoe, and he looked up, saw me and smiled.  I nodded, intending to walk by.  He waved, then asked, "Hey, do you have any pot I could buy?"


"Uh, no."

"Oh, okay, sorry, you look like a pot smoker."


I love to wear tie dye, but I really sort of wonder about this.  I have thought, when I am feeling malicious, saying something like, "No, my boss, the sheriff, wouldn't approve."

But, I suppose, I like wearing very hippie-dippy oriented things, so I guess it's a valid mistake.  And that stuff IS legal in Oregon...

Meh.  I still would prefer chocolate...  THC free, thank you...


  1. LOL The guy could have been pulling your leg - I know several guys who would do just that after seeing your outfit. No offense.

  2. Yes, here in Oregon if someone asks if you sell pot I can tell them to go to the pot store like everyone else.

  3. This may be one of those situations where you just have to laugh and say no, i sure don't. You could mess with them by saying you have to bring it home to your mother, but if they later see you volunteering with the sheriff...

  4. That is too funny!!! I think that is a pretty big leap on his part, assuming that everyone that wears tie-dye is a pot smoker. My son bought his nephew (my grandson) a little tie die shirt when he was in San Francisco. Nephew/grandson was probably 6 months old. Doubt that he was using weed yet.


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