Friday, April 08, 2016


In this area, we have been having a problem with rodents, gophers and voles, moles, that sort of riff raff.  SO, there have been lots of different ideas on how to deal with them... 

There is the gum in the hole of said rodent run.  Didn't work, that I saw, but maybe I chewed the gum too long...

The cats are somewhat effective, but Mom and Dad don't have a cat, and well, they go off duty at least part of the day...

Husband smoked them out with propane.  I think that actually worked.  But, really, I get more than a bit freaked out when he decided to LIGHT it, and FLAMES and SMOKE come from the ground, like we are living near an active volcano.  

A pistol works.  However, when spouse A uses said pistol, (or shotgun, in one case), spouse B really should know, so that screaming and panic do not ensue when some unwanted rodent is dispatched... 
(Dad, next time, let Mom know, pleeease?)

Then there is the little windmill thingy... It has such good reviews.  Mom bought it, it is supposed to drive the little monsters off because the vibrations annoy them. 


Well, the one my Mom bought must have been tuned by the Beach Boys for Good Vibrations, because when I came over about 3 days later, there were little mole hills all over, right by the windmill!  It was attracting them!  

Anyone want to buy a Pied Piper Windmill?


  1. Those little critter can drive a person mad. There was an area on our farm that was pasture for pygmy goats but gophers, moles...something was tunneling the crud out of it, so my brother-in-law brought over one of the anhydrous ammonia tanks and shot some AA vapor down the runs. I guess they moved over to the next farm because the vacated the area. Granted, I don't think that is a prescribed use but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  2. Windmill thingy - Oh, that is funny!
    On the subject of propane - how did he do that and do you think it would work on fire ants?

  3. The critters gotta live, but not in my yard! Maybe move the Pied Piper Windmill to the middle of a field somewhere?

  4. They best way to avoid these varmints is to move, but that might not be an option. That gum trick never works.

  5. I live across the street from a vineyard. The vineyard does something to keep the voles, moles, and gophers out of their vineyard but then they all come across the street to my house. It's so frustrating. We've tried road flares but they didn't work.

    I think you are supposed to a piece of gum in the hole with the foil still on the gum, and it has to be foil wrapped (big red?) I think it's the foil that kills them.

    Shelly @

  6. Well, my mom considered buying one of these gadgets once upon a time. Sure glad we didn't, if the things attracted the little rodents.

  7. Oh dear, good luck getting rid of them!


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