Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for interruptions.

Animals, like small children, can be uniquely suited to causing a simple task to be, well, not as simple.  I think of trying to sweep the floor with the cat around. Or make the bed.  Or do pretty much anything, when said cat is around.

But, this can work with other animals...

Like getting feed from the bin.  I reach in, and there is a chicken on my shoulder, looking in, too.  I carefully stand, so she will jump off.  Not a chance, she just walks up, 'til she is sitting upright on my shoulder, clucking in my ear.  I shoo her, ineffectively, then realize I am hearing munching.  I turn to see the llama has her head in the bin, sampling the chicken feed.  I then shoo HER out, unnerving the chicken, who then flies off.  Meanwhile, I am bumped from behind by the dog, who is feeling very left out of all the "fun".

I manage not to end up on the ground, I get the llama back into the main pasture, remove at least one chicken from the bin, before closing it, throw the chicken food out to feed, pet the dog, then walk back to the house.

Whereupon, Husband casually mentions I have bird crap on my shoulder...

Yep, gotta love the interruptions...


  1. I agree, you gotta love that kind of interruption! The good life...

  2. I think all of that sounds fun with maybe the exception of the bird crap on the shoulder. You are so lucky to have your sweet animals.

  3. Bird crap is a mark of honor celebrating all you do.

  4. A zoo or a circus, doesn't matter what you call it, and you love it enough to do it all over again tomorrow!


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