Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for NOT natural.

I just read about people putting lights under their skin.  I must say, that sounds odd.

Then I considered.  I think people are just jealous of the skills, tools, and adornments that animals have.

Tattoos?  Tigers, chameleons, in fact, most animals are rather more decorated than we are.

I have heard some geeks put magnets in, to be able to 'sense' magnetic fields.  Birds do this, I gather, to migrate.

Mechanical sniffers?  Dogs got ya covered.

Mouse traps?  Cats would sneer in contempt. (Again.)

Swim fins, the fish would count as baby steps, so to speak.

We have the ability to mimic a lot of different creatures, for our own use.

So, lights?  Hmm...  I think fireflies and angler fish would consider us posers...


  1. There is much in the animal world for us to envy.

  2. Lights? How horrible for the "Look at me," society of today. Think that's pushing it.

  3. I am sure the guys in the article would consider me an old fogie for my total disinterest in having a light placed under my skin. The procedure about grosses me out and the finished product is quite ugly from my point of view.

  4. Makes me wonder if every bit of adornment we now consider acceptable, such as make-up, jewelry, pierced ears and such were once seen as odd or gross.

  5. why would anyone want a light under their skin?? Give me darkness any day! :)
    Love the name of your blog!!!

    Hope you're having fun with the A-Z. Stop by if you get a chance. Enjoy our day off tomorrow!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. I could put that to good use from time to time - but I think I'll settle for external lighting, and watching fireflies.

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