Saturday, April 23, 2016

T is for Tiny Tiger.

Husband had taken me on a trip to the coast, and I saw the sign that said Animal Park.

Husband knew that was trouble... He stopped anyway.

We came into an area filled with all sorts of critters, tame enough to pet, (and feed, if you wanted to get some grain pellets).  I wandered around, petting deer, a sheep, and a few other critters, trying to avoid stepping on ducks and chickens, (or in, uh, other things left by same), when I saw the sign...


I had to go over and check that out, IMMEDIATELY.  I walked up, and the nice lady gave me a cub, probably about 10-15 pounds, and I was in love.  It was looking confused, but I was baby talking to it, and walking around, until the lady politely coughed, tapping me on the shoulder.

"Uh, ma'am?  We have other folks wanting to hold the tiger..."

I really liked holding the baby, and I saw a bit of a gleam in her eye, as she said I could hold another baby, if I wanted.  The tiger was taken back to the photo area, where a line had formed, while I was handed a cute little ball of fluff, sort of a whitish poof with a little black nose.  It hooked onto my shirt with fairly long claws, and promptly dropped off to sleep.  The lady said I could walk around as long as I wanted with that one...

I was fine with the little guy, but noticed he had a pronounced musky smell.  I knew it wasn't a cat, but couldn't quite figure out what it was.  Husband asked, and then looked sort of panicked.

"Soo, what is it?"

He kept about 5 feet from me when he answered. "An albino SKUNK."

I shrugged. "Hey, it's happy. I'm not too worried."

Other people had heard what I was holding, and boy, I had NO problem walking around the place after that...  It was a bit creative getting Baby Stinker off me at the end, not because of it 'spraying', but remember the claws?  They hook well, and the baby didn't WANT to let go!  The lady ended up un-hooking each claw, to get it loose!

Yes, I think that perhaps I should ask before I glom onto a baby critter...

But it was cute... :)


  1. I think skunks are adorable to look at. It's such a shame that their ability to blast their smell onto you pretty much nixes their adorableness. Poor little albino skunk was loving being held, no doubt. I am sure in his lifetime it won't happen often...or ever again.

  2. You are adventurous, aren't you?

  3. It's understandable that people would leave you alone after your close contact with a baby skunk.

  4. Skunks are cute. They only stink if they spray, and if you leave them alone (or tame them) they usually won't. As for the baby tiger, i envy you!


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