Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Xerxes. And Xenon...

One of my friends raises purebred cashmere goats.  I was helping her one time a few years ago, and asking about the various names.  They seemed to be in groups.

She told me yes, that each year corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  She said that some were easier than others, but there were a few she didn't register, so they had names as she wished.  For example, a runt that was in the R year, but she named Peanut.

I was commenting that it could make it interesting on years with "oddball" letters.  She sighed, yes, she said, this year is one, I had to come up with 2 'x' names for the kids, and I looked in the dictionary.  Xerxes is that one, and Xenon is over there.  Sure enough, two lively young kids were bouncing around, playing king of the stall.

Then she mentioned that she was happy this was a small kidding year.  I must have looked questioning, as she piped up, one of my friends had to register SEVEN 'x' goats!


  1. The names are cute actually, but wouldn't want to get involved naming seven!

  2. As a boy raised in the "burbs," I know nothing about raising goats. But I would have wanted one as a pet if given the chance.

  3. Well, there's always Xavier and Xaviera. Anyway, i'm glad i don't have to come up with X names, either.

  4. They are cute but the noise drives me nuts!

  5. I think coming up with 7 X names and then having to remember them is asking a lot of a goat owner.
    Although, 7 little goats would be really cute.

  6. I remember reading about Xerxes in history and always though it was a great name!


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