Sunday, May 08, 2016

PICTURES!!! Trip with friends

 Husband and I went out a day or so ago, and I managed to get some pics, which I could actually upload!
I couldn't find my bird book, but I think this is the Common Loon.  There were a few of these about, and I think I saw about 5 bald eagles, and geese like crazy.  Big bird watching day!  I was lucky to get this shot, my camera doesn't do well with 'action' shots... 

Where we stopped for lunch, we had a bouquet near our table.  
Wild iris are blooming around here quite a bit. 

A goose couple that were not wild about our pacing them with the boat.

So they left.  I wish the water hadn't been lit so, I think you would have seen them better.

Our friends brought their pet, she wasn't sure about us until after lunch, 
she was given parts of our sandwiches, we were very much in her good graces after!

(And Happy Mother's Day, Mom!)


  1. That looks like such a nice outing. I enjoy watching birds but I am not good at identifying them. I really would need my bird book.

    Dog species I am better with. Is that a German Shepard? What a pretty girl.

  2. I love your action shot. It is especially neat that you caught one with wings up and one with them down.

  3. Being given part of someone's sandwich always puts them in my good graces. Hope you had a terrific weekend.

  4. Yay! You got pictures up. Nice shots! Looks as if you had a special time.

  5. Such a lovely day. It makes perfectly good sense that once you fed the dog, you were friends!


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