Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Definitely a pair...

But they definitely do not match.  This is a line from a sock book I read.  I didn't realize how prescient it would be.

Some time ago I had knit up a sock, and then put it away for some reason.  It was very simple.  A blue edge line, brown sock, with a blue heel and toe.

Why I put it up, I don't recall, which tells you how long ago it was.  I happened to be digging about for some oddball thing, and found the unfinished SECOND sock.  I still had the first one packed safely away.  (And, amazingly, I knew where it was!)

So, I decided, I should finish this sock.  I have one, finish the other, yet a new pair for my feet...  Then I made a mistake.  I did not go look at the first sock.  It was a simple blue and brown sock, I could knit from memory... I remembered that I was out of the blue yarn, so I substituted a blue that was as close as I could get.  It doesn't match completely, but it's not bad.

Then when I finished, I dug out the first sock.

Oh.  Oh!  Uh, oh...

So, note to self: do not attempt to knit second sock from memory of stored sock.  Fortune would have it, I have lots of socks I make one of, I refer to them as 'Sock Onesies', so these will fit right in...

But I still think the next time I'd better check.

(I would have had this blog up on Sunday, but I was having trouble uploading the picture.  Odd...) 

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  1. My Bigger Girl and Little Girl both loved to wear mismatched socks growing up, it was a fashion statement. Now there is a line of them, called "Little Miss Matched" where the socks are similar and color but each has a different pattern. Wear your mismatched socks, you are right with the times!


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