Sunday, July 16, 2017

MONEY!!! Wait, what?

Well, have found out an interesting fact I didn't know about myself.  Notice how long I haven't blogged?  I put my computer in the back room, at my nice desk, where it was spacious, and nice to sit and write at...

And it was outta sight, outta mind.  I didn't have it right in front of my face, and so I didn't write.  Thusly, I decided to put the computer back in the front room, and with a little mini-lap desk I now have, I can write in the front room, where I have it nearly underfoot.

Like my cat. Hee hee.

So, the money.  For real! Or not real, but I did find money.  $120 worth.

Husband and I were taking a drive to look at a clear cut our neighbor had mentioned.  We drove up to the cut, and looked out.  It was a beautiful view, but I can see why the neighbor was upset.  Her lovely view of a forested expanse, GONE!  We could look down right at the back of her house, and all around it...

So, we started back down the hill, and I was looking at the view...  WHA?  STOP! STOP! BACKUPBACKUPBACKUP!!!  Husband looked alternately panic stricken and confused, but did what I said.  (Or shouted, take your pick.)  We both looked, and I asked him, is that a $100 bill on the sign?  He said I think so, and I hopped out to look at it.

Sure enough, it was a C note...  But what's all the red ink on it?  I realized that it had Chinese printing on it, about the same time I kicked over a $20 at my feet.  I picked it up, and we both saw the printing wasn't a stamp ON the bill, but part OF the bill.  Husband decided we should leave the 100 there, but I took the smaller bill, to look up the info on it, and we could ask the neighbor about it.

After a check with the neighbor, (no, not anything they knew about, no kid's scavenger hunts or such), I got on Google, and found out there had been a rash of the things used as counterfeit funds in another county relatively nearby.

We called the Sheriff's Office.  He came out and took the funds. After a quick ask on how we came upon it, he said, bet it had you going there for a little bit.  I said, yep, figured I was having McDonald's tonight!  He cracked up.  Turns out, they have to destroy "funny money", so he was taking it to be incinerated.  However, I do have a photo...

And the bills have been used in various places, so you might check your cash...  Pink isn't a good look for greenbacks...

You can see the Chinese writing on the left of the bill.
According to a numismatist website, it is actually a bill to train bank
employees in China.  It says something to the effect of Bank of  Whatever,
Training bill, do not remove, or words to that effect.


  1. How odd. Wonder how it got there and why.
    I dislike clear cutting. Such a mess. A couple did that for their homestead and even though the house is beautiful, it's sitting naked on the 5 acre property.

    1. Could have been someone really trying to scam, to someone playing a joke, who knows... And yes, I am used to it, but clear cutting does nothing for me.
      And it seems like it is more and more common of late.

  2. Fake money for training purposes, and i'll bet someone thought that since we can't read the writing, s/he could pass it off. Amazing the way the criminal mind works.

    It's good to see you here again!

    1. It could have been that, or take it to a busy activity, where people were more worried about getting the transaction finished, than paying attention to WHAT is transacted... eep. Takes all kinds. And yes, I am going to keep the computer out here, so I can "be" here more often! Thanks!


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