Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Family and meteors.

Mom and I were taking care of the weekly shopping Friday.  We'd just stopped for a bit, and were chatting about Parents-in-law coming up.  She asked if I knew when they'd be here.  I told her no, they were well on the way, about one state away, I thought, but not sure.

Mom pipes up, "They are probably here now!"

Tickity tick!  The phone let me know Husband had sent a text. 

Just met with parents, they are headed over to friends to stay. 

Uh.  Mom, do you know what the winning lottery numbers are?  

They have been over twice, once to just visit, and once to pick up the phone that was left... oops.  They intend to visit a few more times, and we have the proverbial fatted calf  ready.  If a fatted calf is pig ribs, with bbq sauce, and beans.  They have... very specific foods they like, so it's best to just get it and be done with it.

And in other things...

This morning was the primo for the Perseid meteor shower.  Husband woke me at about 4:30 ish.  I went out, and didn't turn off any of the lights, but just grabbed a chair and looked up.  There was several brilliant stripes of light, and a few little flicks, as well.  The moon is full, or nearly so, so early morning after moon set was a lot better.  I enjoyed most of it.  I was a bit sad not having Rudee dog snoring beside me, but Buzz realized I was outside.


Then realized I was sitting, and she could jump on my lap.


I finally let her sit, after the "let's filet our way up a leg to get a seat".  She then decided to go round, and round, and walk up to my hair for a sniff.  So, a bit of a full Nelson was in order, so I could keep my person in one piece, as well as not having cat parts of various sorts in my face.  

No, she wasn't always looking at me... 

She settled right down, after I put her in a teddy bear hug, and she was purring while I watched the flashes.  It was very quiet, there was hardly a noise out, except for the neighbor's gate clicking in the breeze, occasionally, and the ever present ocean like sound of passing traffic from the road.  Then as time past, soon, cows started lowing a bit, the flap and noise from a flock of nearby turkeys, some horses started out pacing the fence nearby, looking for breakfast, and the wild birds started tuning up for the day.

Soon, the sun started rising, and the stars faded.  So, no more meteors, that I could tell.  So, then I rose, put down Buzz, who was getting a smidge fidgety by that point, and started my day. 

I was already up and about, so I opened the chicken house.  It was still pretty dark, and so ZOOOM, all the chickens see the light from the door opening, and run.  Welllll, one chicken was so intense on that, she didn't see/notice ME.  Poor thing did a face plant right into my shin.  She was okay, just dazed a bit, but she definitely seemed confused.  The oldsters were just not real enthused about the extra early wake up call, the youngsters were thrilled.  Both Mon Ami, and Jet Puff were crowing a bit, both, thankfully, are not loud birds.  I am actually surprised, Jet Puff has a nice crow, for a young bird.  Most adolescents have the "voice cracking" unsteady warble when they crow.  He just... Crows!  

I think there should be more meteors tonight.  If I am not comatose, I might have to get up and watch again. 

And have a blanket, or pad, or something for the cat.... Yeeks!


  1. It sounds like a lovely show, i hope you do get to see it again, but with a bit less companionship.

  2. Well, at least a little less TOENAIL in the conmpanionship!



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