Saturday, September 14, 2019


I was in line.  You know, the too few clerks for the amount of customers, so queue up thing. 

I was bored.  I read a bit on my phone, but really don't like to get too engrossed, as I have found when I read, book, phone, heck, cereal box, I tend to not pay attention to what I should be doing.

I people watched for a bit.  The line crept forward.  I saw a little one, and waved.  She didn't want ANYTHING to do with me, and hid her face.  A couple more tries, and I gave up.  I think someone needed a nap. 

I am sure the little one did, too...

Looked at the ads.  Yeah, not going to be buying any of THAT stuff.  Hey, that's interesting... Oh, doesn't work with my stuff, sigh... Not going to buy a whole new set up, just so I can get it, poop on that! 

Did the line move?


Ah, and these two are together!  Oh, crapitz.  They are trying to set up something. New customers?  Oh, how long is this going to take?  Grumble.  I look out at the weather.  It's weather-ing.  Nothing special.  At least it's not hot, or humid. 

That's when I click.  I am being a grump.  And I have been trying to be mindful of it. Not always successfully, probably much less than I should be, by a lot, but I do try to not snarl and bite folks, at any rate.

So.  A bit of situational awareness.  Doing fairly well, except that my feet are a bit sore.  Ah, stop focusing on the bad.  Hey, getting things finished quickly, mostly, it's rather pleasant in here, no ear bleed level music... Sounds like the couple are opening a new store. Hmm.  Close by, and sounds like something I might enjoy. 

Ah, the line moves again.

Don't have much to do here, just bill pay.  Check the bill, oh, good, this will be quick, have all the stuff I need... 

Huh, that woman has a pretty set of earrings.  I don't wear earrings, but I think it's fun to see all the different kinds...

And... Hi, can I help you? 

I actually can smile, yep, yes you can.

And my feet didn't hurt too much after, either!

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messymimi said...

It helps me to remember that these are first world problemsm and that in other places, you stand in line for hours to get up there and be told there's nothing left.

Good work, turning your mood around!