Saturday, November 16, 2019

Just WHO are they talking to?

I have cut back on my TV watching a bit, but I still like to watch certain shows... But, man, oh, man, do the powers that be have a STRANGE idea of who are watching said shows, and what they like...

I tend to watch old Westerns.  Now, I didn't think that they were that old, or that I was.  But...

I just started taking note of the commercials. 

Medicare, Will.  More medicare. Catheters. Oxygen supply.  'Nother ad for a will.  Reverse mortgage.  Three different ads for wills, back to back!

Cough...  ?

I really think that not one of those applies to me, and even if they did, Geez, folks, couldn't you throw a candy bar ad, or SOMETHING to break up the "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE" vibe? 

So, I started paying attention to ads during the news.  Different verse, similar to the first...

Constipation ad.  Hair shaver ad, men.  Constipation ad, hair shaver ad, women.  Two more men's shaver ads.  Two more constipation ads.  And lastly, women's shaver ad.

So people who watch the news are hairy and can't poop?  I believe the next night had hemorrhoid commercials, too.  Guess they REALLY can't poop...

When I have watched kid shows, they seem to have at least a little more variety.  Candy, toys, cereal.  Occasionally ads for baby diapers, and  washing pods...  That, at least, makes a bit more sense, most kiddos don't need home loans, or cars, at least at the age for the stuff I looked at.  It did surprise me a bit that they wouldn't target the parents more, at that point, but, meh...

So, I guess I just don't watch the right stuff.  Or I am an old codger that is hairy, can't poop, and gonna die... EEEP!!!

The only one I *might* admit to is hairy...


  1. Amazing research! I tune out and have never really paid attention (and then when the show returns, I am often still tuned out!). Now, I'll be watching those stupid commercials!

    1. er, oops. Just struck me funny when I realized how many of the commercials repeated the same topic. Then when I registered WHAT the topics were... !

  2. Next time i'm at Grandma's watching Nat Geo Wild or one of those home building shows, i will take closer note of the commercials. Mostly the ones i remember are pizza, prescription drugs, and insurance.

  3. Meh. Might be different on different channels. Your mileage may vary, as it were... But yes, there are a bunch for those, too, on other channels I happen to watch...


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