Tuesday, September 22, 2020

No more smoke, and one mirror.

 It was a scary bit of time.  We never needed to leave because of the fire, but some family members did.  Due to not having cell phone numbers for them, there was more than a little concern about where and how they ended up. I did a bit of detective work, phone calls and texts, with no luck. Turned out, they'd gone to family we didn't remember, and not a shelter. Great for them, not so much for us...  But, they were safe, they came home to homes, and their animals were fine. 

Now it's just seeing what help will go to folks who didn't fare so well.  And, of course, worry about family and friends in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida... Sigh. 

I had three chicks in the aquarium tank, post Tanker Trio. Two were not in good shape, and didn't make it.  I was concerned about the remaining chick, because it was alone.  

Turns out, he sees his reflection, and is fine, thinking there is another chick with him.  He's been healthy, eating and drinking.  I have named it Doof, because it promptly runs over and jumps in the water, standing like it makes him invisible.  I pick him up, and he settles down, mostly.  

Today we moved him to the horse trough, and he started screeching.  I realized he had no one "with" him.  Uh,oh.  

So, I asked Husband if he knew of any mirrors we could put in the tank. He came up with one.  We set it in the tank, and the screeching stopped.  Doof looked at the mirror, then walked over, chirped at it, then sat down next to it, nuzzling the "other" chick occasionally.  

We have a narcissist chick!  But at least he's happy. 

(I really don't know the gender, but it's going to be 'he' for now.)

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