Monday, September 14, 2020

The green, green grass of home.

Husband has been busy trying to get the house and yard, as well as the field, ready for winter.  We have several areas that are springs, or where water runs off. Some off the water has been so violent, it eroded the side of the hill by our house.  This filled the drainage that led the water away from our house, and so we had ponds that were close to going under the house.

He re-cut the drainage, and decided to reseed the hill so it would be grassy, and hopefully not wash out.  He planted it, after getting it worked up and set.  Then he put sprinklers on it.  We chased off turkeys, and occasionally the cat...

Well, he did a pretty good job, to my mind, but it's so funny to have this lush green spot, and the rest of our place is a dust bowl, or dry tinder!

This is the lush spot, I see it right outside the craft room!

I have to laugh, Husband commented that there are dandelions growing in the grass now. Or as he's been calling them, soil nails!

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