Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hungry, hungry, hennos!!!

 I go out to feed, and several of the chicks are VERY anxious for food.  Enough that they fly up and bite whatever is handy.  Coat hem, fingers, hat, they will clamp on to.  I have been working on stopping this behavior, but with hungry bellies, and tiny brains, it takes a while...

I *thought* I had a bite free morning.  I came in the house, and found that on my pants. Therefore, one chick was not only biting my coat hem, it was standing on my leg to do it!  

Tiny brains. Hmm.  

Just a quick shot of Jet Puff, and the girls (Salt is the half a chicken in front of him... She wouldn't hold still).

This is the Tanker Trio, and some of the other chicks.  Pepper is the one on the bottom left.

I will have to take pictures when I haven't fed, next time...


messymimi said...

It sounds like you might have to get your husband to take the pictures if you haven't fed, unless you want pictures of chickens biting the camera!

Cat said...

Or feed them and take pictures later... :)