Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cock a doodle bye bye!

I have been dealing with two of my young roosters, that started out annoying, and went to flat out obnoxious.  I would try and feed, the one I call Noid would fly up, and try to either grab or land on my hat.  This led to the hat being filthy, being knocked off more than once, and nearly losing my glasses from a bank shot.  And since I had feed in my hand, they would get what they wanted, reinforcing the problem. 

I finally decided a bit more attention was needed, and started trying to whack a wing to knock the one off course.  Which...

Gave the opportunity for the OTHER bird to try and see what he could do, annoyingly... So, no luck.  Then, I realized that the two were teaming up to beat up Mon Ami. 

They are going away.  Moulin Rouge was also attacking Mon Ami, and attacking the girls as well. Not just for... Amor... But just to tear feathers out and scratch at them if they ran.  I finally recalled that if you don't have enough hens per rooster, they can be mean to the hens...

Snarl.  Craigslist... Hmm. Lessee, For free, Butt head roosters.

But I got busy and didn't put an ad up.  Happened outside, and noticed traffic was slowing down. That is a sign that the wild turkeys are crossing. Huh...

HUH? They aren't gray! That's Noid, and Sibling!  They'd managed to get through a hole in the fence, and were trotting down the road like they were rajahs on parade. 

Ooookay, time to sit down and see what I can find, these guys are LEAVING.

Ah, what's this...  Wanted, chickens... So, wondering if that was "bird that is Poultry", or "female Poultry", I called.

Sure! I am getting 30 hens (!), and could use some boys.  We made arrangements.

She came by, and I put Noid and Sibling in the box she'd brought.  Piped up, hey, we have one more, of you'd like, it would still not be too many for that many hens.  She shrugged, and so Husband nabbed Moulin Rouge and brought him out.  The sun came out at just the right moment, and he looked like a new penny, shiny and glistening, with black and white accent feathers setting off the copper.

She gasped, then grinned. "I am in LOVE!!!" And he was summarily put in another box for transport. 

So she was happy, I am hoping the three stooges younger birds will be successful. And now, Mon Ami is happy, crowing, visiting our front porch much less, (which is good, as little land mines were appearing, that was displeasing Husband, and I wasn't wild about the mess when I'd accidentally track it in.)

The girls are more relaxed, very few fights, and I haven't had my hat knocked off in about a week! Amazing what a little switcho changeo can do!