Sunday, February 19, 2017

What would the Doctor Do? :)

So, here, in all its glory, is my new Doctor Who scarf.  The model is Heady Lamarr.  I thought Buc might be a bit overwhelming…  Heady needs a wig, don’t you think?  Anyway, the scarf needs blocking, but otherwise it is finished.  I hope to find an appropriate hat to go with it…

Was in a unique interaction Saturday.  I could have had an $800 Ipod, if I had no morals.  Dad and I had gone to a ham fair, and were resting.  The area has lots of tables and chairs, for just such a purpose… It’s an eating area, but resting is so normal, it’s not even noticed anymore…

Anyway.  I was chatting with Dad, when I saw this woman shift in her seat, and she had a very loose hoodie type jacket.  Next thing I know, CLUNK, out drops a very skinny looking cell phone, hitting the floor.



Dad, the other folks at the table, even the person she’s talking to, look up at me.  Her? Nope.  As I have heard it called, she was on ‘High Ignore’.

So, I pulled out my “Faire Voice”.  Let’s just say, that’s the voice you would use when you are trying to get someone’s attention about a football field away, and you want to make sure it’s understood…


She still ignored me, though I saw her flinch, until her chatting companion said, I think she’s trying to tell you something…  (Gee, ya think?  Most of the room was wondering what was being announced!)
She finally turned, and looked mildly annoyed, as if she really didn’t care, but needed to let me talk so I would shut up.

“Your cell phone fell out of your pocket and is on the floor.”

The woman went into total panic mode. She yipped, dove to the floor, and started checking the phone for damage, all the while yipping, OMG, my $800 phone!  She then said, I really need to have it around my neck, so I don’t keep dropping it.


I spoke up again, and said, like this?  I showed her my phone “cozy”, which hangs from my neck, mostly so I don’t manage to sit on it, and so when I am around the house, it works somewhat like a hands free.

She looked, and said, Oh, did you do that? What is that, knitting, or crochet?  Before I could answer, she went on, whatever, it’s all the same thing, I don’t have time for that silly stuff.  Then she turned and went back to her conversation with the gentleman.

Strangely enough, before the last little comment, I was going to OFFER her my ‘cozy’, so she wouldn’t lose her phone.  But since she brushed me off twice in as many minutes, I just shrugged, and went back to talking with Dad.

You meet all kinds…  I am trying to decide if I hope her phone is okay, or if it should conveniently fall out of her pocket in a blinding rainstorm, into a puddle, to be run over by an eighteen wheeler.

Nah.  It’s not the phone’s fault…