Sunday, November 29, 2020

Better one later, I hope.

 Okay, I admit this is a lousy picture of it, but my neighbor who trains horses, put up Christmas lights. And, BOY HOWDY, did she make a go of it!  

She has lights along the roofline, and this blue horse with a white... Lead, rope, ribbon??? Is on the side facing our house.  

And since there are very few trees, you can see it from the main road. It is SO bright!I think that could be part of the reason the photo is so blurry.  Couldn't be because I was trying to take it from inside the car, and couldn't get a good spot... 


I would make a guess, this is probably 10 or more feet tall, it is over the main training doors, where the carts and carriages go out.  It makes the door look small.

One thing about it, it sure lets people know she's there!!!

I will try for a better picture, it's been foggy, and that has made the photos worse, if you can believe it...