Monday, December 05, 2016

Getting into my Christmassy stuff…  I pulled out my Jingle socks.  One bell had fallen off, so I dug out a new one.

(Does it say something about me that I have several hundred jingle bells of various sizes?  Nah.)  

I sewed it back on, and reinforced the others, so they wouldn’t fall off.  Put on a red shirt with stars on it, finished dressing. (Husband thought I should wear green pants to go with the shirt. Um. No. Just… No.)  

Mom and I then went to a local bazaar.  I go to get my yearly fix of divinity.  The past few years, the event has been rather, well...  Not exciting.  I had dubbed it the “4000 ways to make a potholder” event.  Not to disparage anyone that makes potholders, or knits hats, or any other particular handicraft.  It was just that, year, after year, after year, ad nauseum, it was the same blasted stuff.  And it was more or less the same stuff in every booth.  It was a large event, so this really surprised me, after a bit, you would think the vendors would not want to compete with all the same items!

I don’t know if someone in charge agreed with this, or if it changed leadership, or what, but WOW!! The place had completely changed.  They had more food vendors, and lots of handcrafting, but there was carved wood, there was knife making, jewelry, fiber, in both yarn and roving, wooden signs, metal signs, apple cider, just lots and lots of things.  Yes, there still was a few potholders, and hanging towels, but it wasn’t the dead center, only thing for sale.

Mom and I walked, and walked, and walked, and WALKED!  Planning our route back to pick up items that we wanted to get when we left, we both saw some chairs set away from the aisle, and gratefully parked.  Mom mentioned that she was doing okay, she’d taken 2 Aleve, I said I was fair, I’d taken one.  We were overheard by an older gent sitting in a chair next to us.  “I had a shot of Vodka before I left, and I am doing GREAT!”  We all laughed.

We headed back up, and I ended up getting smoked gouda for me, cheese curds for Husband, (though I might sneak one later…) I bought some raw honey, spinning fiber, and took a card or two for ideas for holidays and events later in the season.

I arrived home, tired, but impressed.

Then remembered…  I didn’t get any divinity!