Thursday, April 18, 2019

New old sewing machine.

When my Grandma passed away, I was given a sewing machine of hers.  It is a lovely little thing, it was a source of pride for her. 

Grandma was notorious for keeping information on things.  I had asked Husband to give it a once over, so I could try using it.  It's a very basic Singer machine.  He asked if I had some items, the book that goes with it, and some sewing machine oil. 

Uh, gimme a minute.  Couldn't find the oil right off, had some oil for my spinning wheel, but Husband didn't want to use that.  (I forget how many different kinds of oils you use for lubrication on machines, but I should have realized sewing machines would have their own oil...) 

Finally remembered I had put all of the sewing items into a wooden container to keep them from wandering away.  AH!  And I had the oil.  And here's some books, gave them to Husband, and wandered back to what I was doing.  

When I came back in the room, he piped up, did you know your Grandma had this book?  Little white pamphlet, with stars and a sewing machine, just about like the one in the other room.  


Is it important?  He hands it to me, pointing at the date.  1946,  and I realize, it's a USDA book on sewing machine maintenance.  It was basically the way to do all the set up and running of a sewing machine, with the very very basic how to's.  (Think Sewing Machine for Dummies.)  I read through it, and now think I will be able to maybe sew something.  I will have to practice with it a bit first, you know, make a line, sew fabric shut, see what it does... But maybe I will be able to sew something real basic, like a bag, then go from there...

Today, sewn stitches, tomorrow... A vest!  A fancy knitting bag!  A Cat toy!!  Who knows?  Will update when I actually make something...