Saturday, February 22, 2020

Climbing back up... Bah...

I don't know what it is about having an illness, small or large, that just takes it out of you.  Well, I know what is happening, the body resisting illness and such.  But it's the idea that I can be well and healthy, going gangbusters on the machine once EVERY OTHER DAY, (she can be taught!), and getting stronger, then, like a wet blanket dropped from above, a cold.  Or worse, in some cases.  But whatever, it knocks you down.

I just fell flat as far as doing ANYTHING when I was ill.  And all I had was a cold, but I was just as happy, relatively speaking, to sit and stare at the cows outside, as to actually get up and DO something.  I mean, I had one day, that I didn't even want to knit!  And anyone that knows me, that's pretty off the charts!

Tuesday, I got up early, and tried to work on my machine.  Well, I *did* manage to work out for about 15 minutes, but am not as greatly recovered as I hoped.  I started slow, and worked up, then started coughing. Yay.  Okay, well, I can walk, so we do that.  And I managed to get something done, so I feel like it was good.

I had a friend who had cancer, she went through so much, and I remember there were a few times I would talk with her, and she was quite happy to just sit, and let me babble on.  She was so worn out from what she had to go through, even with her up attitude, and good doctors and such, she just had a battle and a half to stay stable.

So am I odd to think that I should be happy it was only a cold, and that I will recover quickly???