Thursday, September 19, 2019

The mystery vegetable. Or root. Or whatever... Food, anyway.

I had a friend ask me to grow some Kohlrabi for her this year.  Oddly, Doc usually asks, didn't.  But anyway, I grew a large-ish patch for her.  I also ended up with some other items I stuck in, so hopefully it will be a nibble fest for the family. 

I had to look up that, I guess it's classified as a vegetable.  I saved about 2 or three of the little ones, so I can try them myself.  They have a pretty pronounced smell, sort of broccoli like.  I gather that you can use the leaves for eating, too. 

I might have to try and slice some up, and eat it raw, then cook another one, to see what they are like. 

I have some yellow, and green zucchini, and apples.  And some bought carrots, so that is the unmistakable time to make Zucchini bread.  Mom gave me her recipe, and I love it that way.

 I have had a foodie insult me- that type of quick bread just isn't something you would love, it's just plebeian food.  Of course, this was the same dork that wanted my knitting needles that I using on a sock, because she'd forgotten a chop stick or some other tool when making Danish Pancake Balls (Aebleskiver).  I didn't give her my needles, and she was less than charming the few times I went to her classes.

 I have decided that food is one of those things that is so personal, you can't really recommend it to people, without a provision, that it's what YOU like.  I have waxed poetic about a place that sells ribs, only to be told that barbecue is not as good as rub. (?? I like both!!) I have told people how much I enjoyed an Italian restaurant, and the bread has oil for the sop.  They hmmmed, then asked for butter.  I enjoy 13 bean soup, and my personal creation, Lazy Gardener's Soup, my husband... tolerates it, if he has to. Dad doesn't like some of the sodas I do.

I even remember giving a recipe to a friend some time ago, and she came back furious, it made her sick!  I couldn't fathom why it would, and asked her to tell me what she did.  Well, she said she didn't have any oranges, so she substituted cherries, and she didn't have peanut butter, so she used bananas, and put in an egg, because it didn't look thick enough... (sigh, and she blames ME??)

 And I could go on.  But the point is, I think I will just say, I have had it, you should try it...

And not take the blame if they don't like it!