Monday, January 01, 2007

Have a Beary Icy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, I make no resolutions for New Years. In fact, the only one I have made the last few years was to tick off a particular anal-retentive family member that demanded I make a resolution. So, to wit:

I resolve to make no New Year’s Resolutions.

Said family member had near hysterics, and demanded to know if I realized that by making that resolution I had already broken it. I said, um. Yes, that’s why I phrased it that way. She doesn’t ask me about my resolutions much any more, thank goodness…

I have about half the sweater sleeves knit, hoping to get them finished in the next few days… I am desperately trying to be a “process” knitter, and finish a few of the projects I have started. Let’s put it this way, right now I have a six foot shelf, and it is just UFO’s. Not good. Of course, I am not sure if one project counted on the shelf, as it was just the yarn and needles, I hadn’t even started it. Even more so, I have a shawl hidden away, that I have been working on occasionally, and I don’t have that anywhere near the UFO shelf. (I have seriously thought about putting little UFO stickers on that shelf… Hmmm.)

The bear on the left is a project I have finished. The bear on the right is one that I had finished earlier. This is for a project where the bears go to kids in places like South Africa, and other areas where the kids have real problems. Mother Bear Project (Look it up, Blogger isn't letting me put links on), is where you can see what everyone else is doing. I want to make girl bears, for the simple reason, I can make skirts. I figure, I have a lot of knitting patterns I’d like to try. This way, I can try them, see if I like them, and if I do, the bear has a long skirt. If not, the skirt is knee length. That would give me a chance to try some patterns on a smaller scale, and find out if I like them. It also gives some little child (probably a girl) a sort of unique bear.

This was the lovely window picture I’d tried to get the other day. I think that the neat part is the bit of background behind the frost, giving it some depth. Heavens, am I getting philosophical? Ewwww…

Have a New Year!

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