Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top 'O The Mornin' To Ye!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Cat and my new photo pal Buc the Cat, who you can see loves Blarney... (Like I don't...) Why is his name Buc? Aye, Begosh and Begorrah, it's short for Butt Ugly Cat! He is willing to adorn my blog, so expect to see his smiling face occasionally. Doesn't he remind you of a keystone cop with that hat?

(And if you noticed it, yes I changed the blog format, I though this one was a bit clearer, and more in tune with my theme. What ever that is...)

Husband and I went for a quick trip on the water yesterday. He was upset with a rattle the boat was making, and fixed it with a wood shim. And because the sun was shining, and it was a terrific day And because he just wanted to check that there was no more rattle, we went out...

There are several of these little waterfalls, I missed getting them when we went out in the winter, they were covered in icicles. The spring weather makes them just burst from the rocks. We found several of them on our "just checking the rattle" trip, took several similar pictures, but the camera started to die. Darn batteries... You just get the hang of taking pictures without dumping yourself overboard, and then they give up the ghost... But there was one more I will add,

The mountains were out yesterday!

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