Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well, Hope sprang eternal... Again. Pbbt...

(Due to the male half of my family, the opinion was that my scarecrow needed a libation... Hence the minor change.)

(A post sitting character, that looks like, if I remember my Mister Rogers correctly, Lady Elaine Fairchild.)

(Does this look like a pointillist version of the Jack character in the Jack in the box ads? Yeah, I thought so, too.)

Well, I expected 2 costumed carpet rodents. I got one.

I did decorate, a little.
We had a fire, so there would be that spooky-ish look when you looked in the door. (Well, if you didn't notice the stupid tv next door to it, but whatever.) We also put a glass float that is red, in a bowl, and put an electric tea light under it to give a spooky glow. Note: This works much better if the room is DARK. Under regular lighting conditions, you really can't see it well.

The little guy was dressed as Mickey the Mouse, and Mom and Grandma told me he hadn't removed said costume since it had been bought about 2-3 days before Halloween. The kid REALLY likes Mickey. (2 year olds can be like that.) He turned shy, so no pix.

I dressed as a devil. Mom said it wasn't a strech. So did Husband.


Problem is, I should offended. But I suspect they are right.

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